5 Ways to Get a Job Through YouTube

 Video: Nashville priest in trouble for posting controversial Pope remarks.

Not only is it possible to use YouTube to get a job, but it's becoming a more popular option, especially for the current crop of would-be-employees that grew up with web video.

Some argue that video is a more personal tool for job searching, acting as a digital interview, while others see it as cold and alienating, as it lacks the face-to-face element. But YouTube isn't just about video resumes — there are a variety of creative ways to hop online and get hired.

Even better, YouTube isn't just for Millennials. Web video can be useful for professionals of any age looking to expand their audience or pick up new clients. With a little creativity, honesty and hard work, you can utilize YouTube to create a more effective (and more interesting) professional and digital image, rather than just falling back on the ol' resume (digital or not).

 Video: Nashville priest in trouble for posting controversial Pope remarks.
Tennessee Roman Catholic Priest under fire for controversial remarks

Read on for five ways to use YouTube to get a job. If you've landed a position through YouTube, add your story and tips in the comments below.

1. Promote Yoursel

While this may seem a little obvious, amazing opportunities can come out of promoting yourself on YouTube. Tom Ferry is a real estate training coach with a best-selling book, Life! By Design. He hopped on YouTube two and a half years ago in order to grow his audience and to own the SEO in his field. Ferry has received speaking engagements and consulting jobs across the world by showcasing his talents in one or two videos each week.

"I believe in the theory of free, perfect, and now," Ferry said. "Perfect, means short [and] easy. It's a free twist to marketing. It's never a concern of, 'Gosh, if I put all my best content up for free, will people stop hiring me?' … If I do put it up, people will see I'm a force." For his book, he made a weekly video explaining each chapter and offering crib notes. Rather than give his book away, it became a New York Times Best Seller.

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VIDEO: Jessi Slaughter Breaks Down, Father Gene Leonhardt Steps In Online

Ferry said that his audience has been steadily building, thanks to properly tagging his videos to maximize SEO and by constantly offering useful videos to his followers.

2. Post and Hope

This strategy may be the "Hail Mary" of getting jobs through YouTube, but it has proven successful in many cases. Perhaps the most famous YouTube discovery is Justin Bieber (yes, that Justin Bieber).

Bieber posted homemade videos of himself singing. He quickly jumped from hundreds of views to thousands. After he built up enough buzz, he was discovered by his now manager, Scooter Braun, and introduced to Usher.

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While it helps to have boyish good looks and singing talent (like fellow discoveree Greyson Chance), this strategy isn't just limited to teen idols. Create a channel and post videos that highlight your expertise. If you're great at building fences, film that and offer some added value. Cultivating your fan base and reaching out to your fans can help build enough credibility or buzz to launch your career.

3. Build It

YouTube can help get you a job even if you don't like putting your face on camera. That's what happened for Stanford student Feross Aboukhadijeh when he created YouTube Instant on a bet to his roommate. Aboukhadijeh built YouTube Instant shortly after the launch of Google Instant to bring the same insta-search features to the video platform.

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