Winklevosses Turn Up in Bitcoin Turmoil


Felix Salmon, a finance blogger at Reuters, maintains that the Bitcoin bubble is about to burst. The idea of a no-fee currency is wonderful, but who, he asks, would want to put their wealth in something a hacker could steal? Or try to do transactions in a medium that gyrates 1000 percent in a single day?

"If you hold dollars, you're trusting the US government not to destroy your wealth. Bitcoin, by contrast, is based on mistrust — it's specifically designed so that it's every man for himself," he wrote.

Instances of bitcoin use in the U.S. market do seem to be slowly on the rise. Although there are no physical coins, Walmart sells bitcoin gift cards, and some online domains like WordPress and Reddit already take payments in bitcoin.

It's unclear how much the photogenic twins have lost or gained in bitcoins, but if things don't work out, they might have a hard time finding someone to drag into court.

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