Women Battle Online Anti-Women Hate From the 'Manosphere'


"I got emails and tweets and posts on Facebook that say, 'You are disgusting. You are fat. No one would ever want you. You should be raped," Friedman said.

Friedman said the Manosphere is not satire as Elam claimed, but a space for people to cause damage to women.

"If you look at what they actually do, it's all hateful rhetoric," she told "20/20."

"And it has real impact in the real world."

Editor's Note: ABC News wants to clarify that the two passages quoted in the second paragraph of this story, which were originally part of a comment posted several years ago by a user on the “A Voice for Men” website, were removed by Mr. Elam shortly after they were posted and that he posted a warning to contributors that such comments “would not be tolerated” on the website. Mr. Elam, who contacted ABC News to point this out, also said in his message that “as our five year online history reflects, such comments are exceptionally rare, but when they do occur they are treated with zero tolerance.” The editorial and comment policy of the website states that “A Voice for Men” is “anti-violent” and that it “supports only peaceful change on all levels of human interaction; social, political and otherwise.”

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