Move Over Siri, WunWun Attacks That To-Do List


I received conflicting messages during my task request. At one point I was told that a helper had been assigned but then nine minutes later WunWun said the service was overbooked and to try back again soon. The latter message was sent after Chanel had already texted from her own phone to say that she had started on the task. A day after the transaction was processed, I had to reach out to WunWun to get a copy of the receipt.

It remains to be seen how well WunWun does as more and more New Yorkers discover it. As of now, WunWun's network of helpers consists of only 28 people (including the employees), and it hasn't outsourced its work to other businesses or vendors.

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"We have the feet on the street, we have the people that do the requests. These people are not trying to find other people to do it," said Hnetinka. He said that the startup's priority is getting additional helpers onboard. Currently, WunWun enlists local residents who may be looking to make some extra cash, whether they be stay-at-home dads or freelance videographers like Chanel.

In the long run, the company hopes to build up a network of on-demand helpers who have specialized skills, such as plumbing or pet care.

In the meantime, finding someone to help plan your boyfriend's -- or girlfriend's -- birthday party or do your laundry just got much easier.

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