At the E3 Gaming Show, the Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 Battle Progresses to the Next Level


The release dates for both systems will be later this year around the holidays, still fairly far away. Plenty could change and there are plenty of unanswered questions:

We still need to learn how many cable providers will be partnered with Xbox One on day one, and there may be time yet for Microsoft change its tune regarding fees for playing used games.

Sony has some clarifications to make, as well, specifically as to what the PlayStation Eye camera offers and how dedicated support will be for PS4-to-PS Vita cloud streaming. If a Vita and an Eye are must-owns in order to enjoy a PlayStation 4, that would close the price-gap considerably with Xbox One.

Regardless of how these final lingering questions pan out, the major stakes have been set and the Internet on Monday night was buzzing with praise for Sony. The PlayStation 4 won the battle of E3, but we will have to wait until November to see who will win the war. Until then, better start saving.

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