Rielle Hunter: On The Presidential Campaign Trail
Part 2: Hunter watches, dumbstruck, as John Edwards extols his wife on 'Oprah.'
Are Killers Serving Life in Luxury?
New York Law School professor says some convicts have gyms, sports and color TV.
Caseworker: Josh Powell Told Kids He Had Surprise
Elizabeth Griffin-Hall tells her side of the story exclusively to ABC News.
Cruise Ship Wreck: New Details on Captain
Exchange between ship captain and port official before wreck under question.
Italian Cruise Wreck: Captain Under House Arrest
Crew members reflect on taped phone calls with the captain.
FDA to Review Safety Issues Surrounding Leading Birth Control Pill Yaz
New studies show higher risks of blood clots from Yaz.
How Did Phillip Garrido Pull Off This Crime?
The system failed despite Garrido being a known sex offender and being monitored
Officer's Failed Search Caught on Tape
Nancy Garrido videotapes a parole officer as he conducts a surprise search.
Nightline: Weiner's Bombshell
Weiner's Sexting Bombshell, Weight Loss Wars, Afghanistan
Hotel Maids Face Danger of Sexual Assault?
Egyptian banker accused of attacking maid is second recent high-profile case.
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Do You Know Someone Who Is 'Bringing America Back'?
Tell ABC News About People Making a Difference in Tough Economic Times
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