Exclusive: Karr's Mother Tried to Kill Him, Family Friend Says

"Her parents went wild," McCrary said. "You have this young girl and this older, divorced man." He said her parents "went nuts."

McCrary said the couple moved back to Hamilton, "and her father took after them."

Knutson's father and Wexford Karr were on the phone often during this period, McCrary said.

"I talked to John and he told me to tell you 'don't come down,'" McCrary quotes Wexford Karr as telling Knutson's father, who was in Georgia. "Lara is now his."

McCrary says he spoke to John during this period and that the young man was as scared and despairing as he was possessive and angry.

"My life's over if I lose Lara," McCrary said John Karr told him. "And his life is over if he comes to get her," Karr allegedly said, referring to his bride's father.

Neither Knutson nor her attorney returned calls for comment and her father could not be reached.

McCrary said the beginning of Knutson's marriage to Karr was characteristic of John's romantic relationships.

"When John found a girl he liked, he just fell head over heels," McCrary said. "He couldn't do enough for them. He worshipped them. He kind of treated them like a little girl of his own, dressing them and giving them presents. He would spend money on them that he wouldn't spend on himself. He was so generous, and attentive and friendly."

Lara became pregnant with twins, but they died at birth. The couple moved to California, and eventually had three boys.

"He was really a hell of a nice guy," McCrary said. "And I think he fell into an addiction to pedophilia the way people fall into one addiction or another.

"He wanted the successful marriage that his father never had," McCrary repeated. "This boy suffered his whole life. He lived from one trauma to the next."

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