Terror Update: Where Does the U.S. Stand?

Mueller said the Bureau is responding to the report's recommendations and has managed to cut down on the number of individuals who should not be on the no-fly list.

"One more recent example is, we have been able to go through and scrub the no-fly list and cut it in half," Mueller said.

Higher 'Level of Protection'

Although often criticized for some security procedures such as the ban on liquids after the averted London aviation bomb plot, Chertoff credited the 208,000 employees of the Department of Homeland Security, Congress and the partnerships throughout the law enforcement community, adding that "Every day at our own borders, we turn away dangerous people, including individuals with known ties to terrorism, as well as criminals, drug dealers and human traffickers."

"So I sum up by saying that I believe the reason that there have not been successful attacks on American soil is not because the threat has diminished. It's because we have raised our level of protection and our level of disruption, both by undertaking action overseas and undertaking action within our own borders," Chertoff said.

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