'Barefoot Bandit' Colton Harris-Moore Strikes Again?

Die-hard fans are hoping the teen never gets caught. There are online fan clubs and tributes posted on YouTube. A Seattle printing company last year began printing T-shirts with his name and likeness.

A Facebook page in his honor boasts more than 27,000 fans. There are some comments denouncing his alleged crimes and pleading with him to turn himself in, but most encourage Harris-Moore.

"Keep going, Colton. The world is your oyster," one poster wrote.

"So long as you don't hurt anybody kiddo you're OK in my book," another wrote. "Property's just property and it's all insured. We're all rooting for you and stay free!"

Bold Burglar Makes Off With Cash, Croissants

Ater said he believes Harris-Moore has broken into his store twice, though he has no evidence of the first hit two years ago.

When police were investigating a string of burglaries that could possibly be tied to the teen over the summer, Ater said he slept in his store with his gun and 70-pound dogs. He didn't expect to be burglarized in February, the off-season in the mostly tourist town.

The attack on his store in February came the same night a stolen plane came down on Orcas Island. Ater said he's heard Harris-Moore allegedly kills the engine and glides in as to not alert anyone to his presence.

Officials have said the planes were all damaged from hard landings and that it appears Harris-Moore's only training comes from a flight instruction manual that he allegedly bought with a stolen credit card.

In addition to $1,200 from the cash register, Ater's burglar also made off with a blueberry cheesecake, water, organic produce, meat and a baker's tray of uncooked croissants filled with meat and cheese.

"How do you carry that?" Ater wondered.

Ater said he has since installed an upgraded security system to replace the one that Harris-Moore allegedly drowned. The store owner said that put a serious crimp in his budget.

"But that doesn't mean anything," Ater said, "when dealing with him."

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