Full Transcript of Chris Cuomo's Interview with Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf

CUOMO: Do you believe that the US should have gone about this a different way, even though OBL was sitting in the backyard of your military?

MUSHARRAF: Absolutely because in the previous, in my time, we apprehended three dozen, dozens of al-Qaeda people. It was always intelligence cooperation, whether CIA had it or ISI, we cooperated with each other, we spotted the target, we identified it, and that is all from the American side. It was always, invariably, not one different action. Always Pakistan law enforcement agency, the police, or military. Never did US come in to attack the target. We did it. And we always did it. And that is how we got these dozens of people.

CUOMO: Since the raid, the Pakistanis have said you can't come into the compound. The Pakistanis have outed the name, identity of the head CIA operative in Pakistan. These seem like hostile actions. Do you think that this is the way forward?

MUSHARRAF: Well the way forward is to be better. You can't clap with one hand. If you don't trust Pakistan, how can Pakistan trust you? And let me tell you there is a background to this also. Look at the people, what they have suffered. When we joined, when we joined the coalition, I decided to join the coalition after 9/11, one question that was always invariably asked by the people, everyone asked, what makes you think that the United States will not again use us and take us as we did in 1989. And we suffered all the consequences of mayhem and tribal warfare in Afghanistan, 4 million refugees in Pakistan, al Qaeda coming about, Taliban maybe being created in 1995. While everyone was away, we were all alone fending for ourselves. So that, that was the scare that they have. And now that there's (inaudible) of the United States by 2014 and whatever circumstances (inaudible) without stabilizing Afghanistan. We are thinking this is reminiscent of what happened in 1989 up to 1990 -uh- 1995, 1996. And there was total kind of warfare and destruction of Afghanistan and Pakistan is alone fending for itself.

CUOMO: You say alone fending for itself, you get a lot of aid from the United States and a lot of military cooperation. You don't want to underplay what the United States does for Pakistan, do you?

MUSHARRAF: Well, no. I don't want to underplay that.

CUOMO: You're kind of underplaying it, you're kind of suggesting we left you alone and the United States hasn't done anything for you. Lotta money on the table.

MUSHARRAF: Yeah, no, I'm talking about 1989.

CUOMO: That was a long time ago. We're talking about right now, this circumstance.

MUSHARRAF: We don't realize what we did. In 1989 there were (inaudible) in Pakistan and then they left. And we were a strategic partner since 1947 for 42 years Pakistan was a U.S. strategic partner. We won the cold war for the west. And then we were suddenly left and sanctions were put on Pakistan. And very good relations with India, which was in the the people of Pakistan. So that's why I'm saying leaving high and dry. Otherwise, yes indeed, we are happy, we are very glad with you gave us a lot of aid before 1979.

CUOMO: You get a lot of aid now, right? And a lot of it was hinged on the partnership to find OBL.

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