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Sher told Weaver in the February interview that Woody offered him $10,000 for killing Amara, $5,000 to kill Robert and an additional $5,000 to kill Tamara. Sher said he never met Christopher Wells or spoke with him. He told Weaver he only knew that Wells allegedly wanted this done because Woody claimed Wells had asked him to do this.

Weaver asked Sher if he had any illegal drug problems. That's when Sher stated that he had done cocaine in the hours before Amara and Robert were killed. Sher also told Weaver he'd been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after his recent deployment to Iraq and that he had been medicated and was seeing a therapist for the PTSD.

In the taped interview, Sher told Weaver how he entered the home, went downstairs and found Amara's room. Weaber asked him if he went into Amara's room and shot her with a revolver. Sher said he did, and then said he tossed the gun. At that point Sher said Amara got up and tried to run. That's when he said he fired a gun, with one bullet going through the wall. Weaver then told Share it landed next to the bed of Amara's sleeping 6-year-old daughter Alex. Sher said in the interview he then stabbed Amara at the bottom of the stairs.

Weaver testified to the court today that in the Douglas County coroner's autopsy report, Amara suffered a gunshot wound to the face and had her neck slit open.

As the videotaped interrogation of Josiah Sher continued, the court learned more about what happened the night Amara and Robert were killed.

Sher told Weaver that after he killed Amara he went upstairs and found Robert Rafferty standing at the top of the stairs with a shotgun. Sher told Weaver he was hit a couple of times by Rafferty. One of the hits left a mark on Sher's forehead in the shape of an elk. Weaver testified to the court Tuesday that Rafferty was found wearing a ring with an elk in the same shape on it.

Sher said he punched Rafferty, causing a number of his teeth to be knocked out. Sher said that's when the fight ended up with him on the ground and Rafferty on top of him. Sher said his military training kicked in and he was able to grab his gun and shoot Rafferty in the chest. Weaber asked Sher in the interview if he then stabbed Rafferty, he said he did.

Tamara Rafferty, the blood sister of Christopher Wells and the wife of Robert Rafferty, was not home at the time of the murders, Weaver testified that Tamara was in Minnesota the that night. In the taped interview, Sher said he was only going to make $15,000 for the murders instead of $20,000 because Tamara was not there. He said he was never told to kill 6-year-old Alex.

Sher told Weaver in the interview that he was not alone at the Rafferty home. After more than an hour of Weaver asking Sher who that person was, Sher finally admitted it was now co-defendant Matthew Plake who helped him first scout out the Rafferty home the weekend before the murders, and he alleges it was Plake who drove him to the home and away from the home after the murders.

Wednesday morning in Douglas County Court, the prosecution showed the sheriff's taped interview of Matthew Plake. For the first hour of the February interview, Plake adamantly denied he was near the Rafferty home in the early morning hours of Feb. 23.

It wasn't until the investigators offered Plake the opportunity to write a confession and a letter to the youngest victim thatPlake changed his tune.

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