TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Reyes on Whether Her Husband Should Be Jailed for Taking Their Child to Church

REBECCA: I don't th-- if I did, I don't remember. Because the whole thing was-- was irrelevant. If-- if-- if he woke up in the morning and felt Jewish, so much so that we had a Jewish home, which we did, that's all, that's all.

CUOMO: So, this was no-- there was no contention, this wasn't pushing him to get it done, get it done.

REBECCA: Absolutely not.

CUOMO: He explains the delay as him holding it off, as long as he could.

REBECCA: He could've held it off forever, if it's not what he wanted to do.

CUOMO: What you wanted was the home and the child's life to be Jewish, and your lives to be freely Jewish?

REBECCA: That's it.

CUOMO: So, now the case begins, it's goin' on.


CUOMO: Joseph plays on a very-- potent theme.


CUOMO: Joseph says, "Husbands, fathers get a hard time in family court."


CUOMO: And that he has been-- being pushed back, pushed back. You get the house, he concedes into sole custody. You get a slice of whatever money he makes, so he has to live in his parents' basement. And this was his line in the sand. He says, "This was my line. She got my house, she doesn't let me see my kid as much as I want, she gets a cut of my money, even though she doesn't need it, and now she's telling me what kind of faith I can have. It's my line in the sand, I draw it here." What's your take on that?

REBECCA: Well, my first take is he's absolutely allowed to be Catholic. I'm not telling him anything about the religion that he can practice. I don't get to make that decision, not for him, not for anybody, that's his decision. If he was born Catholic, and he wakes up in the morning, and he's Catholic, then he's allowed to be Catholic. That's great.

CUOMO: Did you ever see him being Catholic?


CUOMO: I know it's an odd way to put it, but-- --in the time when you're together, did he go to church?

REBECCA: We went to church once for his nephew's baptism, because that was the right thing to do. But no, not any other time did I see him go to church.

CUOMO: Did you know him to pray Christian prayers?

REBECCA: No. I-- the only time I've ever seen him pray was in synagogue. And I don't know what he was saying to himself, but we were in synagogue.

CUOMO: And there was never an agreement that the kid would be Jewish and Catholic?


CUOMO: Whatever that means.

REBECCA: No. We were always going to introduce her Catholicism at some point, because his family's Catholic. Undeniably, I respect that completely about them. We used to go open presents on Christmas Day over at their house. We didn't go to church, but it was fine with me to-- to-- that-- that we opened presents somewhere other than-- you know, under the lights of Chanukah. It-- th-- that's fine, I have relatives that are Catholic. I have best friends that are Catholic. The world is not Jewish. We were always going to introduce her to Catholicism. But not until she had the capacity to understand.

CUOMO: And not as her personal faith?

REBECCA: Of cou-- well, if she chose it, ultimately, I will love her.

CUOMO: But not by agreement of the two of you?

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