TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Reyes on Whether Her Husband Should Be Jailed for Taking Their Child to Church

REBECCA: Of course not.

CUOMO: It's just anything other than Judaism?

REBECCA: A different message, an-- a message that is at complete odds with the message that I'm giving, is-- is-- is going to be harmful right now, only right now.

CUOMO: But it's not about Catholicism, per se?

REBECCA: Of course not. What's harmful about Catholicism? There's nothing harmful, there's nothing harmful about Judaism. Certainly, you know, taken to any logical extreme, that's-- you know--

CUOMO: Now, speaking of logical extremes, Joseph says he didn't violate this order, because Judaism is a big umbrella, and Catholicism fits right underneath it. That he didn't violate it, because to him, Catholicism's no different than Judaism. You think he believes that?

REBECCA: I don't know what he believes. I don't want to speak to what he believes.

CUOMO: Does that make sense?

REBECCA: It makes no sense to me. It-- and I'm not a-- I'm not a theologian. I'm not an expert, I'm not a rabbi. I'm just a Jewish person. But I can tell you that a humongous difference, for one, is Jesus. Whether the Messiah has come, or not, is a humongous difference. And I don't think that we need a doctrinal expert th-- to have just a basic, common sense understanding that that just can't be true.

CUOMO: So, he's in law school, he's a smart guy.


CUOMO: Where's he coming from?

REBECCA: I think he's just justifying his actions.

CUOMO: So, the TRO is up, "Thirty days, we'll handle it." You figure you'll go there, get some sober minds.


CUOMO: Let people cool down.


CUOMO: That doesn't happen?


CUOMO: How do you find out that he decides to violate the order?

REBECCA: I believe I got a phone call that-- Ela was on TV. And that Joseph was-- had the press present for taking Ay-- while he was taking Ela to church.

CUOMO: He says it's a First Amendment issue.

REBECCA: He's entitled to practice Catholicism. This isn't about the First Amendment, this is about parenting.

CUOMO: You know--

REBECCA: He's allowed to be Catholic.

CUOMO: The idea of the position that Joseph put your daughter in frightened you. Why?

REBECCA: Because he decided to violate a court order. And he got Ela embroiled in a media nightmare. Her picture is everywhere, and I have to tell you, I'm not the judge of what-- of excellent parenting. I'm only doing the best that I can do. But I-- I think, objectively, that good parents do not put their children at risk by putting their face all over the media. He did not ask that her picture be pixilated. My lawyers had to call all of the networks and ask that her picture be obscured. Good parents do not exploit their children for their own financial or personal gain. Go to church, Joseph, that's fine. Just-- this is about parenting. This is not about religion. He's allowed to be Catholic, and she's allowed to be Catholic someday, if that's what she chooses, I won't love her any less. She's my daughter. She can make those decisions, and I will love her, it will have absolutely no effect on our relationship if she chooses to be Catholic someday. But he violated a direct court order. I am sitting here, in this chair, because he decided to violate a direct court order, and take Ela to church, and have the media document it, and put her-- she can't make this decision for herself. He put her in this dangerous position.

CUOMO: Now, to be clear, you're a lawyer.


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