TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Reyes on Whether Her Husband Should Be Jailed for Taking Their Child to Church

CUOMO: What upsets you is not that he just violated a court order, it's that he did something, made a judgment with respect to your daughter, that you feel could be dangerous going forward. What else might he do? Fair?

REBECCA: Not only what else might he do, but what are the other things that might result from this? W-- people have been showing up at her nursery school, looking for her. People have been trying to contact me on the Internet. She deserves anonymity. She c-- she-- sh-- sh-- wait until she's old enough to make that decision, where she decides to expose w-- herself to the media. She can do that, that's fine. But she can't make that choice right now. And there are other harms, there are other things out there that he can't control, as a result of her face being all over the media.

CUOMO: And he's using powerful medicine. Using religion, and the righteousness of his religious cause, that's strong medicine to a peery (PH) God fearing country.

REBECCA: He is absolutely entitled to his religion. He's absolutely entitled to practice his religion. This is about parenting. And he had relief available to him. If this was so important to him, he has relief available to him. The court system. He appealed the TRO and it was upheld by the appellate court, and now it's pending with the Illinois Supreme Court. And we have a trial date at the beginning of March. He has remedies. He has remedies. And I will abide by a court decision, if the court does not agree with me that it is harmful, I will abide by that decision. He didn't. What am I supposed to do with that?

CUOMO: The religion issue is secondary to your concern for what he does with the daughter, right?

REBECCA: Of course. Her safety is the most important thing to me.

CUOMO: And you're worried that you don't know where this ends?

REBECCA: I don't. Where does it end? Where does it end? What is this for?

CUOMO: Well, what do you think?

REBECCA: I don't know.

CUOMO: Well, if it's not really about Catholicism being burned to his breast, in terms of importance, what else is there? You, is what there is, right? (SIREN)

REBECCA: (CRIES) Using my daughter to hurt me, maybe. Self promotion. Financial gain. (SIREN) I don't-- I don't know how to answer that question. I would feel a lot better if I did, I have to tell you. If I knew what was going on here, I could address it.

CUOMO: Have you tried talking to him?

REBECCA REYES: I have not.

CUOMO: Why not?

REBECCA: How do you talk to somebody after that?

CUOMO: You do have the child together.

REBECCA: Absolutely. And that's what the court was for. That was the-- for people who cannot make these decisions for themselves, the last result is the court. The-- the last resort. Did I say "result"? I'm sorry. The last resort is the court system.

CUOMO: You don't think--

REBECCA: It's not ideal, it's not ideal for anybody.

CUOMO: But you don't think you can talk to Joseph, and figure things out?

REBECCA: What's-- what is there to figure out now?

CUOMO: "Don't take the kid to church, if you're mad at me, talk to me. Let's deal with it this way. You're gonna wind up losing your daughter this way."

REBECCA: So, I say now, Joseph, please talk to me. If you're angry with me, talk to me. Please don't put Ela in the middle of this. Please don't. If you want to take her to church, let's talk about why you want to do that. Let's talk about what's reasonable for Ela, and let's be her parents.

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