TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Reyes on Whether Her Husband Should Be Jailed for Taking Their Child to Church

CUOMO: Now-- Ela's three, right? So, this is about her future and everything going forward. You think she knows what's going on?

REBECCA: I don't know. I-- I think a few days ago, I would've said no, but she's three. So, she's in that-- you don't really know what she's getting, and then she says something. She hasn't said anything about this. I hope, beyond hope, that she does not know what's going on. But she's getting to that age where she's understanding more and more. She hasn't said anything so far, but that's not gonna be a cover for very much longer.

CUOMO: She tell you anything about the baptism?

REBECCA: No. She did not.

CUOMO: She ever talk about church?

REBECCA: No, she doesn't talk about church.

CUOMO: Joseph says he was engaging her intellectual curiosity, that she was interested in church. And because she showed an interest, he decided to engage it. That's what started this.

REBECCA: She's three. She has no idea what those things mean, and she certainly didn't a few months ago. She goes to our synagogue for-- preschool. And if I say to her, "Let's go to synagogue," she's not completely sure what I mean. If I say, "Let's go to school," she understands that.

CUOMO: If you-- the-- the concern for you is not that there's immediate harm here, it's what-- what message are we sending? What is the parenting-- role? What is our agreement? That's what it is.

REBECCA: That-- that very soon, there is going to be harm. The-- the fact that we get to hide--

CUOMO: There'll be confusion.

REBECCA REYES:--right. There-- there will be confusion, there will be an abrogation of her identity. To me, that's harmful. Confusion, at best.

CUOMO: Now, the response to this.


CUOMO: He takes the kid and baptizes it, supposedly on the sneak. You go to court, say, "Hey this is-- "


CUOMO: "--I can't deal with this." He does it again. You now file for contempt.


On Joseph Going to Jail and the Future

CUOMO: You could've done civil contempt. But you chose to put jail time on the table for this. Heavy, heavy handed. If you want Joseph to be with his daughter, now, potentially you send him to jail for six months, how do you reconcile those two?

REBECCA: Well, first of all, that sounds like a legal decision. I know that, because I'm a lawyer, and it's screaming "legal decision." I am smart enough to know that I do not serve as my own lawyer. That was a legal decision, absolutely ask my lawyer about that, please-- please do. But please understand that there would be no contempt at all, had Joseph not done something. We are in this contempt proceeding at all-- civil, criminal, whatever, as a result of something Joseph did. Joseph made a decision. If he hadn't have made that decision, no contempt. We are here because of what Joseph did. And whatever comes next, it's him taking-- having to take responsibility for what he did. There would've been none of this. We never would've met, you and I, I never would've been sitting here, but for a decision that Joseph made.

CUOMO: No question, he started the cycle. No question. Are you worried that if everything plays to its finality, that he might wind up going to jail?

REBECCA: Yeah, I'm worried about that.

CUOMO: 'Cause, is that what you want, ultimately?

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