TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Reyes on Whether Her Husband Should Be Jailed for Taking Their Child to Church

REBECCA: I want him to stop hurting Ela. I want him to understand that there are ramifications for the choices that you make. I want him to have a healthy and thriving relationship with Ela, and-- and to be whatever he wants to be in life.

CUOMO: You want good things for Joseph?

REBECCA: I want great things for Joseph. I want great things for Joseph, because that will mean great things for Ela.

CUOMO: Is it fair for him to say, "Look at the judge, judge is the head of the Jewish Board of Lo-- whatever." The judge was Jewish, had a thing against Catholicism, that's why he called it a harm, because to--


CUOMO: --have a TRO, it has to be perceived as a harm. You think that played out here?

REBECCA: Wow, that's really scary stuff, to me, because that undermines the entire sanctity of the judicial process. That someone, who's a judge, cannot put those kinds of personal things aside, and fairly and disinterestedly adjudicate the person and the issues in front of them. That is the basis of our democracy, that's the basis of our judicial system, that's first of all. Second of all, this is the judge that released Joseph from supervised visitation. There was no bias here.

CUOMO: And it was also upheld on appeal, by a non-Jewish judge. For-- what it's worth.

REBECCA: It's meaningful to me.

CUOMO: Sure-- (UNINTEL) now, here we sit, where March is the-- next date, right?


CUOMO: What's gonna happen here, Rebecca?

REBECCA: I'm gonna get divorced.

CUOMO: This has been a long time. What's taken so long here?

REBECCA: I'm not really sure. I just know that we have a trial date in March, and it's going to be over, and then it's just gonna be the two of us. As parents, with this perfect, amazing little girl, who deserves the very best in both of us. And the relationship is over. And that's what court's for, to-- to-- to legally end the relationship. And now, it's-- we just have our character. That's all that's left. Who are we, as parents? That's what's next.

CUOMO: Why do you think it's taken so long?

REBECCA: It's just been very piecemeal. I'm not sure if that's because that's how the system is set up to-- to function. It's very myopic, so that whatever's in front of the judge is the only thing in front of the judge. The judge doesn't really look at sort of the greater picture. And there's been an unwillingness to settle the case, so we have to go to-- to trial to do that. And that's fine, that's what the process is for. And so, here I am.

CUOMO: In terms of your disposition, even with everything that's happened--


CUOMO: --you don't hate Joseph.

REBECCA :No, I don't.

CUOMO: You don't wanna see him go away, necessarily? You just--

REBECCA: I don't want to see him go away on any level, no, of course not.

CUOMO: You just want him to do the best by your daughter.

REBECCA: That's it.

CUOMO: Do you think he gets that?

REBECCA : I have no idea.

CUOMO: You think when I ask him, "What does Rebecca think of you?" he's gonna say that, or you think he'll say something else?

REBECCA: I think he'll probably say something else.

CUOMO: 'Cause-- 'cause he's confused? Is it because you're different with him than you are with me? What do you think it is?

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