TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Reyes on Whether Her Husband Should Be Jailed for Taking Their Child to Church

CUOMO: Now, obviously, his character, his personality has changed, in your eyes, over time. But the original Joseph, how would you have described him to people?

REBECCA: I don't think that Joseph has changed that much over time, actually. I-- I-- I-- obviously, his religion has changed. But his basic personality I don't think has changed. I think that he's still articulate and interesting. I think that he is a thinker. He's a very deliberate person, and always, as long as I have known him, has been a very deliberate person. I don't think that-- I wasn't the-- the brunt of whatever anger he's feeling, so I can't say how he's different in that way, because I didn't really see that. But in terms of how engaging he is and t the-- the fact that he thinks a lot, and is passionate about a lot of things, that hasn't changed.

CUOMO: And you loved him?

REBECCA: I really loved him.

CUOMO: How did you get engaged?

REBECCA : It was so planned out. It was the least romantic thing you can ever imagine. It was because he was-- he was gonna be deployed-- so we picked a date, and I got a dress. And we went to-- Spiaja Restaurant (PH), and it was-- it-- for-- to me, it was perfect. And there was a ring, and we sat on this little booth, next to each other, and-- and our families were waiting-- for us, for a celebration afterwards. And our friends were waiting and as far as I was concerned, the whole world was possible. I still think that.

CUOMO: So, he was not worried about getting a "No"?

REBECCA: (LAUGH) No, he wasn't-- (LAUGH) worried about me saying, "No."

CUOMO: There's always that little bit--


CUOMO: --you never know. It's all speculation till the words actually come out of the mouth.

REBECCA: No. He had no reason to worry.

CUOMO: You picked the ring together?

REBECCA: No, he picked it himself.

CUOMO: Did you like it?

REBECCA: Of course, it was from Joseph.


REBECCA:I would've liked plastic.

CUOMO: And when did you get married, after he came back?


CUOMO: That must've been scary, waiting for him, when you knew where he was, right?

REBECCA: Oh, my goodness, it was really scary. He was in Afghanistan, and-- he was gone for a while, maybe five months, six months.

CUOMO: Did you know what his job was over there?

REBECCA: I knew that he was a counterintelligence agent. I don't-- I don't-- I didn't know very much more than that.

CUOMO: Scary though, 'cause you would just see in the news what was going on.

REBECCA: Obviously. And so I-- we-- when we-- before he left, we spent every Sunday, half of the day, with his family, half the day with my family. And I continued to do that for the entire time that he was gone, so that I could be around his family. I mean, it was-- it was beneficial for both of us. It was important to them that I be there, for support. And it was important to me to be with them. He used to call me pretty regularly. And so, if I was his parents' house when he called, then his mom got a chance to talk to him. And that was really important.

CUOMO: How long was he gone?

REBECCA: I think he was gone six months.

CUOMO: And how long after he came back did you get married?

REBECCA: I think he came back-- in April, March or April, and we got married in October.

CUOMO: Did you plan the whole wedding? Was it what you wanted?

REBECCA: It was a dream. It was perfect. Yes, exactly what I wanted.

CUOMO: And do you remember how Joseph was?

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