TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Reyes on Whether Her Husband Should Be Jailed for Taking Their Child to Church

CUOMO: Did you plan the whole wedding? Was it what you wanted?

REBECCA: It was a dream. It was perfect. Yes, exactly what I wanted.

CUOMO: And do you remember how Joseph was?

REBECCA: What do you mean?

CUOMO: At the wedding, at the marriage. Like, how much did this mean to him, how happy was this for him?

REBECCA: Well, there were two segments, actually, of the wedding-- because we had a Jewish wedding, so a couple days before the actual ceremony, we signed the Jewish marriage contract. Which, in the eyes of the Jewish religion, meant that we were married then. So, the-- I remember the rabbi saying to him, "There's nothing to worry about now, you're already married, it's already done." So, that was a beautiful thing to say, and we had-- my parents were there, and we had witnesses to the marriage contract, so it was a really beautiful side ceremony. And then we had this beautiful wedding, Jewish wedding, with the chuppa (PH) and-- and in-- in the round, so that the-- everybody was a participant. And the breaking of the glass, and it was-- it was magical, I had that death defying moment, where I thought they were gonna catapult me from the chair afterwards, because all my cousins had been drinking. And I thought, "This is going to be tragic." And he was delightful. I think there was one point in th-- that he didn't feel well-- but how could you not? You know, this is a surge of emotions, but it was a perfect day.

CUOMO: What was the dream? What was supposed to be your life together?

REBECCA: We were just supposed to be happy. I had no preconceived notions of what it would look like, day-to-day. I was with him, and that's really all that mattered. But if you're asking-- what details we did think about-- we wanted children, for sure. We lived a Jewish life. That doesn't mean that we went to synagogue every Friday s-- night and Saturday morning, but we went almost all from nights. We observed the High Holy Days together. We picked our synagogue when we moved, before we had Ela, based on where he wanted to convert. We were active members of the synagogue, and-- and that doesn't mean that that was absolutely-- our whole lives. But it was-- it was meaningful, and-- and we had pledged, in the marriage contract, to raise Jewish children, and so we had a Jewish home.

CUOMO: So, let's back up a half step, you two were dating.


CUOMO: Reyes is a good Latino name--


CUOMO: --he's a Catholic boy, you knew him as that. What did religion mean to you two when you were dating?

REBECCA: Well, I didn't know him as a Catholic boy. He was certainly born Catholic, and his parents were Catholic. But he never went to church, and actually talked with me and my family about how he had problems with the religion.

CUOMO: He did not go to church regularly?

REBECCA: No, never, I was with him every Sunday morning.

CUOMO: And it wasn't at church?


CUOMO: And--

REBECCA: We went to hi-- we went to his family's house in the morning, and we would w-- wait for his mom and grandmother to come back from church. And we'd hang out with his brothers while they were gone, and-- but no, that was never a part of who he was.

CUOMO: And when you were going to get married, was there a discussion, "Do we do it in a church? Or do we do it a traditional Jewish wedding?"


CUOMO: Any discussion?

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