TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Reyes on Whether Her Husband Should Be Jailed for Taking Their Child to Church

REBECCA: Well, I-- I-- it's-- that is only fair in that what I understood about Joseph when I met him was his work ethic, he was in the military. He had been a professional for a lot of his life. I didn't marry him s-- for whatever money I thought he could generate, but I did really respect in him this c-- this-- this relationship he had with his own work ethic. And then we got married, and-- and there wasn't any of that left. And-- so, to that extent, I guess, there was a change, but--

CUOMO: Fair point that the two of you had decided that he would go to law school, and that's why you went back to work? That that was the plan?

REBECCA: No, this was a year's difference. This was in 2006, that we had Ela, and 2007 when I went back to work. So, that was years off. At the time, he was-- h-- first, he decided he wanted to be a wealth management person. So he was working and-- and-- we had to f-- find a way to pay for his licenses. There's a whole series of licenses that you have to get, tests to take and review courses to take. And then he decided he didn't want to do that anymore. So, he walked away from that. Then he decided he wanted to be a trader, so I think around that time, he was deciding that he wanted to be a day trader. So, we had to pour a lot of money-- that I was making into that ambition, and then that didn't work. And then he started his own business, and that didn't work. And so, he just walked away from a series of things without considering the amount of money that-- that I had asked from my parents to support us. And that was really difficult. And then, all of a sudden, the entire financial burden was on me. And we had made financial decisions that required two incomes.

CUOMO: Was this solely a personal industry issue? Or was it how he was dealing with you, and the situation emotionally, as well?

REBECCA: The latter, both of those things. Yes.

CUOMO: Right, 'cause people can not-- get it together work-wise, but you know they're actually trying, and you know they love you, and they know-- you know that they're doing the best by the relationship that--


CUOMO: --they can. So it can be okay. That wasn't the situation?

REBECCA: No. That wasn't the situation. And I was really concerned, and I was scared and-- and-- we couldn't talk about it. We couldn't talk-- in a positive way about it. And now there was a-- there was a third person implicated here. And that was-- that was just really scary, and-- and us not being able to communicate as husband and wife, and a lot of blame running around, I was just as guilty of that as he. It wasn't getting better.

CUOMO: Were things-- how were things before the baby?


CUOMO: Did you-- this-- was this one of those, "Maybe the baby'll make it better"?

REBECCA: No. To-- to be completely honest, I hoped that it would, but it was always our plan to have children. So, the timing of it wasn't based on hoping that the relationship would get better. Although, it would be c-- completely disingenuous of me to say that I didn't hope that it would make it better. As-- as immature a-- a hope as-- as that is, I did hope that it would make it better.

CUOMO: Were there steps to the decline of the relationship?

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