What Made Missing Pregnant Mom Murder So Compelling?

Police arrested Jimmy Waymire, 25, later that morning near the apartment building and charged him with robbery, kidnapping and first degree murder. A neighbor had called 911 after hearing a scream, Ramon Romero said. He said that police told him that Waymire was seen leaving building with pair of scissors, that Ramon said were apparently used to stab his grandson.

It was two days before Ralph Romero's 20th birthday.

Waymire is scheduled to be arraigned July 2.

Nicholas Danforth

They called him "the gentle giant."

Nicholas Danforth was the type of person who never seemed to get angry, who would give other kids at school his lunch if they forgot theirs, and who invited troubled friends to spend the night when they didn't have a bed to sleep in, said his aunt, Kerri Gettman.

"Nicholas had such a positive impact people. We called him the 'Gentle Giant.' He was always trying to making everyone else happy," she said.

Around 2 a.m., Pierce County, Wash., police found the boy's lifeless body in bed, holding a television remote control, and scarred with a bullet hole on the right side of his torso.

It was two hours into his 17th birthday.

The bullet that killed Nicholas was shot from his father's gun, said Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Gerald Costello.

James Everett Danforth, Jr. told a sheriff's deputy that he shot his son while he was "unloading the gun," court papers say.  Police found the gun in a house next to the trailer, which court papers say Danforth Jr. brought over to his mother who put it into a safe.

Danforth Jr. had been convicted in 2003 of a domestic violence charge and was barred from possessing firearms. He was charged with murder in the second degree and manslaughter.

Marilou Johnson

Police say Marilou Johnson was killed in a botched robbery attempt.

Her body was found in Cass Lake, near Washington Township, Michigan, last week. Johnson, a 50-year-old mother of three adult children, balked when David Wright made a high bid for some plumbing work at Johnson's house, said Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel.

"For some reason he pulled a knife out and held it to her throat," Hackel said. Police say Wright, 37, cut Johnson's throat, then stabbed her and eventually dumped her body in the lake, weighted down with cinder blocks. Prosecutors say Wright planned to hold Johnson in his trailor while he robbed her house.

"Right now, we see that the intent was to kidnap, not to kill her. He did kill her because he was incompetent," said William Cataldo, chief of the homicide division of the Macomb County prosecutor's office. Wright told police he tripped and accidentally stabbed Johnson, Hackel said. He has been charged with kidnapping and felony murder.

Kimberly, Abigayle, Cassandra and Blake Vaughn

On June 14, Christopher Vaughn, shot and bleeding, flagged down a car from the side of the road outside Chicago. His wife and three children had been shot to death inside the family's parked Ford Expedition, prosecutors say.

Nine days later, the police arrested Vaughn at a St. Charles, Mo., funeral home, a few hours before the memorial service for his family.

Prosecutors say Vaughn shot and killed his wife Kimberly, 32, and his children, Abigayle, 12, Cassandra, 11, and Blake, 8. He has been charged with first degree murder.

There will be a hearing July 25 to determine if Vaughn will be extradited to Illinois.

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