Chapter 4: Are There Cases or Clients You Won't Take?

"Since I began practicing I have not been retained to represent anyone that wants to cooperate with the government. In the vernacular, NO RATS. I have always believed that if you commit a crime you should face the music, not snitch on other people to mitigate your punishment. Hopefully, I will do my job well enough that an individual's refusal to rat will still translate to a complete trial or motion victory in the case; pr at least a successful plea negotiation. So far, after 28 years, so good."

We were knocked over by the incredible job Roy Black did when we watched him win an acquittal for William Kennedy smith in 1991 as Court TV captured it all gavel to gavel. Based in Miami, Roy also took care of Rush Limbaugh when they found those four trillion pills in his house. Who will Roy not represent?

"Bombers. Because they kill indiscriminately"

As I mentioned in an earlier chapter, we all represent people even if we think they are guilty. Whoops- not all of us. There is only one lawyer I know who will only represent truly innocent people. And he is not full of s*** - he really means it. He not only talks the talk but he walks the walk. Any lawyer who claims that he will only represent innocent people is generally bulls***ting us and fooling himself as well. That is, unless that lawyer is Barry Scheck of New York. Having created the Innocence Project at the Cardozo School of Law, Barry has saved so many people who have been wrongly convicted... One of the few of us who is truly an expert in DNA, he has been regarded as the best of the best long before OJ!

He will only represent people he truly believes are innocent.

Dick DeGuerin is legendary, even by Texas standards. Recently representing former House Majority Leader Tom Delay in his money laundering conspiracy case, Dick represented Texas cult leader David Koresh during his standoff with the FBI and the ATF. Most recently he won an amazing "Not Guilty" verdict in the case of millionaire-nutcase Robert Durst, who was accused of dismembering the body of his 71-year-old neighbor and throwing the body parts inn Galveston Bay.

Dick's response to my email was very specific:

"I don't respect snitches or hot check writers I'll be glad to expand on it, but that s the bottom line. I try to help everyone who has the good sense to ask for my help,"

What the hell is a "hot check writer?" Apparently there is a big problem in Texas with people who bounce checks or write them on closed or phony accounts. I didn't realize how big a problem it was until after I got Dick DeGuerin's response. I walked into the Amarillo, Texas Country Courthouse where I was representing someone accused of statutory rape. The first thing I was an office with a large sing above it that read HOT CHECK OFFICE.

Yale Galenter of Florida is best know as OJ Simpson's lawyer in his "road rage" trial as well as the sports memorabilia escapade in Las Vegas, I asked Yale what cases he would not take. Conventional wisdom might suggest that nay lawyer who could represent OJ has no restrictions! Not so. Yale will not represent pedophiles. His reply to me was "W have not done that type of work in 20 years. Double murder no problem. Crimes against kids- no can do."

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