Politico Who Faked Disappearance Re-Arrested

Dodds was discovered about a mile from the crash scene, beneath a pile of leaves, apparently fading in and out of consciousness. He was missing a shoe. Alleged Assault

The latest twist in this bizarre New England political saga began when Dodd's wife called her hometown police in Rye, N.H. from a vacation home in Florida to claim that her husband had assaulted her during an argument and packed his bags and left. During the 1:14 a.m. call Sunday night, Cynthia Dodds asked police to check the couple's home "to make sure her home was safe to return to," Velardi said.

Velardi said that Cynthia Dodds told police in Rye that she had "grabbed his arm and tried to talk to him … and that he picked her up and threw her to the floor."

Cynthia Dodds did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment. Her husband is expected to remain in county jail in New Hampshire pending a May 12 bail hearing.

He was sentenced last month to a year behind bars, with all but 20 days suspended pending good behavior, after the sentencing judge called Dodd's tale of being lost in the snowy New England woods following a car crash a "fairy tale."

Nadeau has filed his intentions to appeal the verdict, claiming that two key medical experts were not qualified to testify, and the judge in the case had agreed to stay the sentence until all of Dodds' appeals were exhausted.

South of the Border

But that decision was called into question recently when federal officials informed the Stafford County District Attorney's office that Dodds had applied for a passport renewal, with the stated intention of traveling to Bolivia to do charity work with his local church group. No restrictions had been placed on his passport during the trial or after his conviction.

In response, prosecutors sought a change in his bail status.

Then, yesterday, they learned of the police report in Rye. In addition to the fact that Dodds had told Stafford prosecutors that he was traveling on a family vacation to New Orleans, Cynthia Dodd's call came from a home in Florida, according to Velardi.

Prosecutors went to a judge on Monday and sought to have Dodds' bail revoked. The judge initially denied that request, but "upon reflection'' changed his mind and issued the revocation late Monday. When law enforcement officials in New Hampshire could not locate Dodds at the home he had listed as his primary address in Rye, he officially became a fugitive.

He was arrested near Cutts Mansion, a building prosecutors said he owns.

Nadeau, Dodd's attorney, told ABC News that since his failed election bid, Dodds and his wife had been restoring and selling rental properties.

He disputed the judge's decision to revoke his client's bail, saying that "there is a difference between a crime and a family altercation."

In an appearance on ABC's "Good Morning America'' after his conviction, Dodds grew emotional when asked whether he'd ever run for congress again.

Choking up, he told Diane Sawyer that he didn't know, but seized the opportunity to take one last swipe at law enforcement officials in his home state.

"May God have mercy on their souls."

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