Can Con Man Rockefeller Stay in the U.S.?

Sandra Boss, the child's biological mother and Rockefeller's ex-wife, was reunited with her daughter Sunday. Boss, who had apparently married Rockefeller on the Massachusetts island of Nantucket in 1994, won "primary residential custody" of their daughter, whom they call "Snooks." It's now not clear whether the wedding was indeed legal -- questions about the paperwork have been raised.

Rockefeller was allowed visitations with the child under the condition they were supervised. It was during one of these visits that he allegedly used an unwitting livery driver to escape the social worker and put his kidnap plan into action.

As investigators waded through Rockefeller's past, several media outlets have also dug in, sketching a collective timeline that may lay out Christian Gerhartsreiter's 30-year evolution into Clark Rockefeller.

Several residents in Berlin, Conn., have come forward to identify Rockefeller as a fairly mediocre student who arrived in the late 1970s to attend the local high school as an exchange student. Steve Savio, 39, said his family took in Gerhartsreiter, who quickly went from being a curious houseguest to a condescending nuisance.

The Boston Globe, citing marriage records, reported that Gerhartstreiter wed an American woman named Amy Jersild Duhnke in Madison, Wis., in 1981, a union that provided him a green card. He identified his parents as Simon and Irmengard Gerhartsreiter, according to the Globe. Attempts by ABC News to reach Duhnke were unsuccessful.

Gerhartsreiter later told the Savios that after leaving Connecticut, he took the name Christopher Crowe to open a production company. The Globe, citing former colleagues, reported that Christopher Chichester Crowe had a brief, unsuccessful career trading stocks in the late 1980s on the East Coast. A man using that name, who ingratiated himself in upscale Greenwich, Conn., circles was later wanted for questioning by authorities after he attempted to sell a truck in Connecticut that was traced back to the Sohuses, the Globe reported.

After Rockefeller's 1994 marriage to Sandra Boss, an executive-level consultant at McKinsey and Co. currently stationed in London, the family settled in Boston and Cornish, N.H., where many neighbors said they were suspicious about Rockefeller's past.

When asked about his famous last name, Rockefeller never had a straight answer about his relationship to the wealthy American industrialist family. At one point, he flashed a pocketknife bearing the Rockefeller name when asked by his pastor in New Hampshire. After his daughter's abduction, the Rockefeller foundation came out quickly to say the kidnap suspect had no relationship to famous lineage.

It was one of the first cracks in a collapsing fun house mirror of Clark Rockefeller's identity.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

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