'Our Hearts Are Breaking': New Photos of Caylee Anthony

Dozens of photos of Casey partying appeared anonymously on the Internet, amd detectives also discovered a poem that was written on Casey's MySpace page soon after her daughter's disappearance:

"Trust no one, only yourself. With great power comes great consequence. What is given can be taken away. Everyone lies, everyone dies, life will never be easy."

New Evidence; Bounty Hunter Pays Bond

The police took clothing samples from the Anthony home and dug up their backyard. They also subjected the family car to extensive forensic tests. And in a bond hearing for Casey on July 22, detectives revealed some stunning news.

"They found strands of hair that resembled her daughter's hair in the back of the trunk," said Pacheco. "Cadaver dogs smelled human decomposition in that trunk. When you hear a detective saying that, it was very shocking."

Casey's parents and brother closed ranks around her. They said they believed that Caylee had been kidnapped and the entire family was in danger.

"I think we all feel that the only thing that she's guilty of is not putting the information to the police department as soon as she found out," said her brother Lee Anthony.

For Casey's parents, it was a nightmare playing out in full view of an increasingly skeptical police and a crush of reporters who followed the case even more closely once bounty hunter Padilla offered to post Casey's bond.

"She kept saying, 'Get me out of here. I'll take you to my baby. I'll tell you what happened,'" Padilla said.

But days passed after Casey's release from jail, and there were no new revelations from the young mother.

"She has no display of emotions," Padilla said. "She's completely in control."

"She's in a no-win situation," said her attorney Jose Baez. "If she cries in front of the cameras, people are going to call it crocodile tears. People say that she's not showing emotion, but that couldn't be further from the truth. When I'm with her when we speak, many times she's broken down."

There was more reason to be upset just a week ago, when Casey was rearrested on charges of petty theft, accused of stealing a checkbook from a friend. But within hours of her return to jail, police stated that new tests on the trunk of the Anthony's car had revealed even more tragic -- and seemingly conclusive -- evidence.

"There was hair resembling Caylee's in the trunk," said Belich. "There was a stain in the trunk. And we know that the FBI DNA test showed that the stain and the hair came from Caylee, and that Caylee is, in fact, dead."

In the last 48 hours, new information has emerged. Sources close to the investigation say that Casey's laptop computer had been used to search the Internet for information about chloroform -- traces of which were found in the trunk of the car.

"It's not evidence until it's been admitted in court, until it's had and passed the rigors of cross examination," said Casey's attorney Jose Baez. "It's not evidence. So it's just an accusation. "

'It's Very Sad'

Despite all the speculation, the most serious charge against Casey Anthony is child neglect. But why did she wait so long to report her child was missing?

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