Anthony Defense Denied Access to 'Mounting Evidence'

"Every single day they've found significant evidence," Padilla told ABC News. "Is that what's bothering him [Baez]? That we're finding evidence? Evidence is mounting. We're continuing to find evidence that will tell the full story, because his client's not going to.

"If you want to talk about no cooperation, talk to Mr. Baez, who didn't allow law enforcement to talk to Casey Anthony in the beginning," he said.

Echoing Strickland's concerns, Padilla said leaving before completely investigating the site would "be nothing short of neglect."

Gruesome Crime Scene Linked to Caylee Anthony

At 9:30 a.m. Thursday, an Orlando utility worker stumbled upon a plastic bag. Inside were remains, including the skull, of a small child authorities believe to be Caylee Anthony. Police sources said the skull still had duct tape attached to the mouth.

Click here to hear the 911 call.

The bag was discovered in a wooded area less than half a mile from the Anthony home in Orlando, Fla., prompting authorities to execute a search warrant on the home.

Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary told the Associated Press last week that "some clues that came out of the remains ... linked it to the [Anthony] house."

The area around the remains has been the subject of extensive police search since, and police have uncovered more evidence, including dozens of bones nearby.

The area had been searched by police months before, but the spot where the skull was found had been flooded at the time of the search.

DNA samples were sent to FBI labs, but it could be days before tests conclude.

Casey Anthony: Mother of Missing Toddler

Caylee Anthony disappeared in mid-June when she was 2 years old, but she was not reported missing by her mother, Casey Anthony, 22, until a month later. Anthony was arrested the next day on charges including child neglect. But she became a person of interest in the little girl's disappearance after police found traces of chloroform and strands of hair similar to those of the Caylee's in a car last driven by Anthony.

Casey was officially charged for first-degree murder Oct. 14. She has pleaded not guilty to charges ranging from first-degree murder to lying to investigators. She faces life in prison if convicted.

Frustrating, Curious Investigation

The case began with an emergency call from Casey Anthony's mother, Cindy Anthony in mid-July.

On the tape, she is heard frantically telling emergency operators, "I can't find my granddaughter. ... There's something wrong. ...I found my daughter's car today and it smelled like there's been a dead body in the damn car." Casey Anthony then got on the phone and reported she may have a missing child.

Cindy Anthony later retracted that statement, saying that the smell in the car could have been from garbage.

As investigators would quickly learn, this would only the be first of many twists and story changes in the curious case. CLICK HERE for a timeline of the case.

Lies, Half-Truths and Incomplete Information

Since their investigation was launched on July 15, some Orange County officers have become well acquainted with the frustrations of following leads based on incomplete information, half-truths and what one officer said were "smoke bombs."

In the original version of events, Caylee's mother reported her missing to police, saying she had dropped the child off at a baby sitter's house on June 9. When she went to pick the child up, both the child and the baby sitter had disappeared.

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