Yacht Murderer: I 'Never Really Felt Evil'

"She was overwhelmed with what was going on," Machain said. "[Tom] was calm. … She screams at Skylar that, 'We trusted you and your wife came over. … You had your …little girl over. Why are you doing this?'"

"It looked like she was a little scared and shaking," he added.

At that time, Murphy said, Tom Hawks was trying to comfort his wife by stroking her hand while they were handcuffed on the bed with duct tape around their mouths and eyes.

Then came the most shocking part of his confession -- Machain's description of the murder.

Machain said he watched as Skylar Deleon grabbed an anchor and some rope, tied the Hawks to the anchor and brought them to the back of the boat.

"Then Mr. Hawk was able to lift his leg somehow and he literally tossed Skylar off his feet, knocked him on his butt … and right behind him the black guy [Kennedy] just takes a big swing at the side of his head and just, I'm pretty sure, he knocked him out." It was a final act of defiance by the powerful captain of the Well Deserved.

Kennedy will go on trial next week on murder charges. His lawyer says the evidence will show he was not involved in the murders.

'I Don't Care About My Life'

At that point, Machain said, Deleon "just pushed them" off the side of the boat. Tied to an anchor the Hawks plunged to their death in the icy cold water, drowning at sea.

"Can you hold your breath and cry at the same time?" Murphy would later ask Skylar Deleon's jury when referring to Jackie Hawks.

Skylar Deleon chose an area of the Pacific Ocean that is particularly deep and the bodies were never recovered.

He then turned the boat around and headed back to port. Kennedy allegedly grabbed a fishing pole and a beer for the ride home.

"Skylar tells me to grab a T-shirt, start wiping things down," Machain said. "Then he tells me to go to into the restroom and grab all the medicines. … Toss it out. … I think we found $3,000. … We split it up."

Deleon told ABC News he tries to distract himself from thoughts about the Hawks' deaths. He provided an apology, which the family sees as a desperate attempt to stave off the death penalty. He could not provide any examples of reluctance to commit the crime during the planning and execution phase.

"I mean it definitely comes back, it comes back to you. You just try and deal with it the best you can. … I mean, I'd like to say sorry, but what words can you say," he said. "There's no words you can say that are going to bring their family back."

Dr. Park Dietz, a noted forensic psychiatrist who testified for the prosecution, reviewed excerpts from Skylar Deleon's interview, at the request of ABC News.

"His ability to smile, have fun and continue the plan, even though he sees what it is doing to them, how they are reacting, how helpless they have become, that he has broken these people down just to steal their stuff ... tells us that he is not a man capable of compassion. He might be able to fake it, he might be able to fake remorse, but it isn't there," Dietz said.

Skylar Deleon and his attorney said a childhood rife with abuse caused Skylar's murderous behavior. Skylar Deleon's father was a drug dealer and, according to Skylar Deleon and his stepmother, his father was also a tyrant who abused him physically and allowed others to sexually abuse him.

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