'The View' on Conrad Murray

ABC's Chris Cuomo and Dan Abrams discuss legal headlines.
7:43 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for 'The View' on Conrad Murray
Talking about a hot topic Doctor Conrad Murray sentencing obviously the judges not happy with -- actually have a clip. Of of what he had to -- to -- before sentencing adolescent. Not only isn't there any remorse. There's -- and outrage on the part of Doctor Murray. Against the decedent. Without any. Any. Indication of this latest involvement in this case. You hear Doctor Murray say it Dr. Murray was just a bystander. We sort of came upon a scene. And was put in this situation. Because of everybody else's. Actions other -- Insult. It obviously frustrated here I'd be given that what was deemed as -- maximum sentence but he's not could end up spending much time in prison cracks. It's bad when the judge doesn't like you in any legal situation. But there are realities here he's going to give him the maximum he's not going to service because of state law and also -- it was because of overcrowding. Well but because that's part of the state law is how they wind up figuring out the formula for how much time you'll serve plus his behavior than now he'll go to the department of corrections a figure out where he'll do his time. But also I think -- want to take a step back on this and -- I talk about this often. Is this the man who solely responsible maybe maybe not this sentence could be seen as harsh or not or. I -- no one wants to hear this right now the judge is up on here at the art so they tell you crowds. The judge is up there are going on and on and on blasting Murray for a long period of time trying to make it cleared the pubs to the public will understand that he's angry. This is the maximum he can do but I will tell -- That I believe that if this were Colin Murray cannot Conrad Murray and it wasn't Michael Jackson but Mark Jackson some random person. They might have gotten probation. I know people are sort of horrified at the notion. Oh my goodness it is because in other cases in the defense actually cited some of these in their brief there been other cases where someone has died due to. In the voluntary manslaughter -- we're talking about right where there's been probation I'm not saying that's necessarily what he should've gotten but I am saying. -- -- that for those people who are saying. How could he have only gotten four years. Those same people are also the one saying we need equal justice if you -- but equal justice. If this hadn't been Michael Jackson case I think he would've gotten less -- getting -- of that -- is also -- taken aside and -- on this one -- Michael Jackson is dead this man through a string of flaws very likely made that happen. And Michael Jackson is a big figure is they do is Stanley's -- of the world and you're going to pay the price and we see this. It's certainly a lot of onto the alleged sexual abuse by Syracuse University basketball assistant coach Bernie fine what's the latest on that and -- -- heard the tapes about his -- speaking to one of his accusers on the phone. She -- -- yes it's -- to two tracks here terms that news first there is apparently a fourth accuser now coming forward. And talking about possible. Molestation by very -- and then has the question of what. The people know back in 2002. And what did they do not to about it. And so now we learn that the police in Syracuse actually got a report. In 2002. About -- that they actually investigated. And they decided not to pursue it. But it's not find out why because. We were unclear police or the -- -- particularly if it's unclear if it was a combination the statute of limitations and based on what they heard we don't know that corroborated. They say they couldn't find the witnesses in the information to back up that -- keep hearing that that's the limitations as a lot by the air some rest depends on the jurisdiction here in New York State now it's going to be five years past the age of eighteen which is gonna disqualify some of those things now if you look at them now. But if you go back to 2002 or even 2005. When word of this was getting to authorities you may signal -- can -- bring this -- for. That's gonna move it -- -- living here in these cases coming from years back are -- -- -- -- hasn't -- -- change -- statue limitations against. Eight -- one of the good things about these cases coming out into the media is that it is going to push people to change laws New York State now usually you have to bring a federal claim that I have no sentence of -- -- -- -- -- And Leon that's what I. And after they reach a certain age right because when you talk with children being molested a lot of time. They don't they don't know know about it they don't remember there are scared whatever the case is understood what I want to move past it went why should forgive the crime at any point. The culpability of someone who witnesses something like night at -- absolute moral culpability and that's and that's it should be more also -- if you have a legal town but if you have a legal duty. If you're going to -- He's yet -- didn't look there is no if someone's dying on the side of the road. You do not have a legal duty that's more to get out. To get out and help that -- -- -- kid in the you're in charge of what did you fiduciary responsibility for different it christened at the by the -- -- yeah. There -- you. Can't tell -- I had a better view of legal responsibility for the kid and given the construct of our beautiful this is the bottom line is that she she doesn't have any legal obligation except -- on less. -- -- he was living with them. There could have been a relationship established whereby she would then have a legal obligation. -- caring that time that he was a little -- and that threat threat to sex and even aiding and abetting if you -- in the same house with an even until you're actually had to take action towards it is supposed to just seeing specifically include chocolates I'm not here that is the media. All right. -- not look good to think about it. Bobby Davis went to the media. Back in 2002 in 2002 it. It seems he he's -- the alleged victim gave them of the a transcript of the tape and the tape of the conversation 47 minutes with mrs. find where she seems to be corroborating his allegations against anything that related to a local newspaper knowing that they didn't do anything -- now. Look you've got to Meehan and this is a whole different segments of the village that -- -- -- look it's it's always easy to second guess but it is the media that's to a lot of second guessing now of what people should have done. Based on what they knew. And it's a little bit hypocritical when the media itself. Had a lot of this information. And very -- Didn't do anything about why not to the -- here yeah a lot of what's wrong there was -- facility -- a business. I want to turn to the missing case the woman in -- -- -- Robyn Gardner disappeared four months ago she spent five days -- with the -- Gary -- right. He claims she disappeared -- they were snorkeling police say there inconsistencies. He was held in prison for what for months but was released late last night why. What why because they can't hold them anymore because they don't have evidence to put him with a crime but remember this we all live this if you weren't -- -- Natalee Holloway have spent too much Simon -- beautiful place but not when you're going for this type of reason. They couldn't hold them here Dan makes a good point about why -- they wait an extra day there's an appeals court that's meeting on this matter right now why let them go why not wait. But if this could happen in the United States don't put this on Dutch law don't put this on Aruba he would've been out a long time ago because there's nobody gives evidence connecting. -- story and fishy behavior that's all that they -- and they were basically saying we want to hold the more so we can keep investigating. But think of why don't these bodies come up on the short it is I don't understand where somebody's got to where they they look aid no we don't know exactly what happened to Natalie ballots. -- I would estimate. Days I've spent a lot of time in the waters off Rubin and there are very strong currents there yeah and his defense pedestrians and is about -- currents -- current isn't all that they've taken out to suggest they say not at that time this is the current when he was there were only that Holloway amnesty want to. -- -- -- -- Around the ocean right because people now it's gonna take awhile to find any.

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