'The View' on Missing Black Children

ABC's Chris Cuomo and actress S. Epatha Merkerson call attention to missing kids
7:06 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for 'The View' on Missing Black Children
This Smart Caylee Anthony baby Lisa. They were all why. The fact is more than a third of missing persons in the US -- black but these stories are mostly ignored by the media. Please welcome to people I'm mission to give these stories headlines that they -- The fabulous actors. As a Paper America send an ABC news chief legal reporter Chris -- wal -- Chris kept pace welcome. Okay. Well yeah you're Allison who shall call find -- missing that tells stories of missing black folks in America. That we never have heard about now. I know the absence of this. But why did you get involved with two things -- first thing is that -- drive -- a lot more lately so I'm listening to radio. A lot more and -- -- in this dialogue on the radio. About why. Aren't people are not. On dealt with on a national forum. When they've gone missing. And when TV one called and asked would -- host the show. -- mean it was a no brainer. If you wanna be a part of the community then you have to function within the community so this is my way of being a part of the community in the now. Chris. What. What do you take from all of this would what do you say. It's sad. Anybody who has a child loves all children. There are a lot of problems with the media some of them play and two attention span and attract ability of who we put on TV. What we believe will motivate our audience -- and a lot of times the judgments are wrong and we focus on people you say. That -- -- white and they are and there could be several reasons for that some times. They are atrocious they're more white people than anyone else in the country so you're going to have a higher collection. Sometimes it's how incredible the story -- them but often it's because they look good. To the media who want to put them on it sounds sinister. And it doesn't need to be until the becomes exclusionary of other people. I mean look -- -- list and that's when it's troubling you -- and if we just put into context Elizabeth Smart all of you know the name right horrible story to kick goes missing in 2002. The media takes -- on as a mission for some nine months. They find her the crazy cult guy I was one of the first to interview her after all this is a beautiful young woman incredibly well adjusted but at that same time. -- -- -- beautiful child James Lewis Dickey chastity read look at them. Young promise future silenced in terms of what we knew about them. And where are they we don't know. What if they had the media on them as did Caylee Anthony Wright I've been here many times talking about that 2008. -- -- so many details about this family about this kid about her mother especially -- the same time. Amanda Alexander Jones Jerry Bennett Sasha Davis -- people -- people value. Loss as well we don't know the circumstances because we never really looked at it. And if we don't look at it than do the police look as much to politicians get involved to big -- people take is a cause celeb. Probably not they be Lisa -- We don't know yet and we've given our title -- -- Irwin you know she now has three names. That is also a somewhat of a contaminated situation but we've been all over since last year at the same time. A gesture Shockley is -- -- Holbrook is -- Copeland Taylor. Also missing and I think -- -- for me will be is that we can do so much in my business I have so many good people people respond when I pick up the phone. And the question is do you get that first instinct do you get their called the you have someone like to pay WC -- say -- You bring. What we want -- we want to introduce policy name correctly I Yana Patterson. Yes and I -- your daughter Alexis went missing on May eighteenth may third 2002. On her way to school when she was seven years old. Tell us what happened on that day. Just like it was a regular routine I get -- for school. Finn -- -- just this particular day her stepfather walked into the corner the school. Spread across the street from my house so it took quite a minute for her to get -- -- every single day. I went to this. It's it's. -- -- it. You take 230. To fifty she and make it home from school but I went across the street. And I asked her teacher whereas the -- Her teacher said -- -- had made it had made it to school. They call you to say she wasn't there the entire day you know they've bitten. OK so when you caught Diana you call the police -- you how the police. Chris what happens if you look at should be immediate when it's a child the same drainage there's -- AMBER Alert -- 2010 unfortunate it's a great system. But how long did it take when you went to the police should have been an immediate response for child this age it was -- how long. I call the police the police took an hour to come out. And when they came up they treat her as like a runaway as well as seven years and awaits what well why would there is an -- people -- A look at the saudis say it was a flattering because he she got mad -- you because a cupcake -- invasive and maybe she just ran to a friend's house and will give it that we came -- and she's -- home by Monday's. They -- it's part of that is that we know the first 24 hours a critical critical. You know you -- -- you have been all over the country you have been trying to get media attention. For your daughter's case. And it -- no such luck now we know in 2002. Elizabeth Smart. Went missing lacy Peterson also went missing this as a mother. How does that make you feel they know their -- you know would they got so much media attention yet yet daughter it's doing nothing but doesn't make me feel good. But it makes me it motivates me even more to try to find my daughter I'm -- do whatever it takes to bring my daughter home. And that there's no limit and -- -- with a sixteen. We have an age progression photo -- what Alexis may look like today so if you have any information about Alexis Patterson or her whereabouts would you please contact the authorities. Or let us know send us an out here and -- -- view you know will get the information out -- we nature out.

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{"id":15439795,"title":"'The View' on Missing Black Children","duration":"7:06","description":"ABC's Chris Cuomo and actress S. Epatha Merkerson call attention to missing kids","url":"/TheLaw/video/view-missing-black-children-15439795","section":"TheLaw","mediaType":"default"}