Funnies: Thriller Ticket?

Here's a roundup of the late night comics.

The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert: This can't be over! It seems like it started only 17 months ago.

The Tonight Show

Jay Leno: I think it's finally starting to sink in to Hillary that she didn't get it. Like, today, she went down to Ikea because I think she realizes this is the only chance she will have to put together her own cabinet.

Late Show

David Letterman: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, would that be a good ticket? Would you folks like that ticket? I think this would be the first -- if you think about it -- first combination of an African-American man and a white woman since... well... Michael Jackson.

Late Night

Conan O'Brien: Speculation about John McCain's possible running mate. Experts say he wants someone who is not afraid to attack Barack Obama. That's who he's looking for, yeah, which explains why McCain has decided to pick Hillary Clinton.

The Tonight Show

Leno: According to the New York Times, a new study says that red wine may slow down the aging process. In a related story, John McCain is now drinking 28 glasses of red wine a day.

The Daily Show

Jon Stewart: So it is that Barack Hussein Napoleon Pol Pot Obama now has a chance to become the first African-American president since season one of "24."