Why Bill Gates Is Giving Away His Fortune

Stephanopoulos: So, you've got the president and the leaders of the Congress, both parties in one room. You've got one minute. What's the one thing you asked them to do?

Gates: Well, I think there's some science here that they ought to fund in a better way. Be willing to take some risks. I think the image of the United States in the world at large could be improved if our commitment to help with some of these tough conditions was more obvious. And we tracked the progress there.

Taking on long-term goals is tough, because these are things that take way more than any electoral cycle. The benefits will show up when somebody else is probably in office. And yet, that's the only way to make the breakthroughs.

Stephanopoulos: Do you feel any pull to get involved in that political role yourself?

Gates: No, I don't think I'd be good at it or perhaps even enjoy it. So between Microsoft and the work of the foundation, that's going to keep me busy.

Stephanopoulos: Mr. Gates, thanks very much.

Gates: Thank you.

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