Transcript: Sens. Kent and DeMint

KRUGMAN: You know, I'm not -- I share this much with George Will, I don't necessarily believe in those kinds of conversations, certainly as led by the president. I think it best if we put this behind us. So what we really need to do is make this a better society. And you don't do that by having conversations, you do that through policy.

BRAZILE: I don't -- well, I don't think that the president necessarily should lead the conversation, but the conversation will be held if -- maybe it will start in Cambridge. But, George, I...

STEPHANOPOULOS: They actually said today that they are going to have some community forum in Cambridge about this.

BRAZILE: And there is no reason for us to sweep it under the rug. For too long in our history, we have just not wanted to have this conversation. We can have a very constructive, face-to-face conversation, pull the resentment, the fear, so that people can come to a point of tolerance and acceptance.

That's all we're -- I think that's what the goal of the conversation will be.

WILL: I have a news bulletin. The American people have conversations all of the time without any help from Washington, backward reels the mind to the 1990s when Bill Clinton had an epiphany. We should have a national conversation about race.

We converse about race too much.

BRAZILE: And it remains, as Condoleezza Rice said some time ago, our birth defect, because we won't have a real honest, candid conversation, George. And that's the problem.

HUFFINGTON: And it doesn't have to be with the president. It can be among ourselves. I mean, nobody is saying that the president needs to keep talking about it. But we in the media need to keep talking about it so that we can actually make it more likely there will be some policy changes.


KRUGMAN: ... we actually made progress. We are much less racist society than we were 25 years ago because of the individual conversations, because of the conversation right in the media, probably the president...


STEPHANOPOULOS: Barack Obama was just elected president.

KRUGMAN: I think so, yes.


STEPHANOPOULOS: But you bring up another point, George, the ubiquity of President Obama. And he was everywhere this week. And Mark Knoller, who has been covering the White House longer than just about everybody for CBS News, and is a great statistician, he's like the box score man in the White House press corps, has said that the president is just shy now of 100 interviews in the first six months or so in office, more than any other president in the first six months.

One of them this week was with Katie Couric where the president and Katie Couric ended up getting in a big discussion about you, David Brooks. Let's take a look.


KATIE COURIC, CBS ANCHOR: He says Democrats are losing touch with America because, quote, "the party is led by insular liberals from big cities on the coasts"...

OBAMA: This was a really long question.


COURIC: ... "on issue after issue." It was a pretty...

OBAMA: Are we going to read the whole column here?

COURIC: I'm just curious, A, have you read it, and, B, what's your response?

OBAMA: You know, I don't spend a lot of time reading columns, Katie.


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