Transcript: Sebelius, Specter and Hatch

BRAZILE: We just pronounce Saints, and there you go. I'm a New Orleans Saints fan. But I -- I would hope that they would give him an opportunity to -- to make amends to society.

I believe in redemption. I believe in forgiveness. And I think Michael Vick deserves an opportunity to come back.

TAPPER: There's one -- there's one other thing that happened this week and that I want to touch on, which is, it's the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. And there's been a lot of celebration by baby boomers of baby boomers and this concert. Ron, I know that my generational -- my generational bias is -- is showing and unfair, but wasn't this just a concert?

BROWNSTEIN: Yes, well, you know, we are now as far from Woodstock as Woodstock was from the crash of 1929. You know, so I mean, look, I mean, yes, it was -- you know, it was a moment that seemed to symbolize, you know, an entire decade. It has that kind of outsized, almost like Bill Clinton's presidency, where he came -- you know, he came to bear all of the pros and cons.

Yes, it was -- it was just a concert, but it was also kind of a symbol of what was a pretty broad change in social and culture mores that we're still arguing about 40 years later. In some way, though, I think it's -- it's kind of -- it is worth noting that Woodstock was halfway between -- exactly halfway between the crash of '29 and the crash of 2008. It was an artifact of an age of affluence, and we could worry -- when the societal worries were about self-expression and individual kind of fulfillment.

We have -- you know, we have much weightier problems now, much more immediate concerns, and we've had for several decades, average family. It's a very different world. I kind of look at this as almost like I'm, you know, excavating something from an ancient civilization. BRAZILE: (inaudible)

BROWNSTEIN: To think -- to think -- to think that that is what we were worrying about then...

TAPPER: We're going to have to continue this conversation in the -- in the green room. And you can see that on Ron, the spokesman for baby boomers, we appreciate it.



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