Transcript: Feinstein, Chambliss, McGovern, Keane

KEANE: Well, I think he has the opportunity to be decisive, in terms of our national interest in Afghanistan and also in Pakistan. The reality is, since 2003, when we shifted our priority to Iraq, Afghanistan has been a distant second priority. Now those resources are available to make it the main effort, and that we should do, and that's what I mean by -- he now has the opportunity to be decisive, to control the outcome in Afghanistan, and we can get the outcome that we desire. FEINSTEIN: He said we're going to stay. If we stay, we cannot lose. What strategy, what tactics give us the best chance to carry out the mission? And the mission has to be to stop the violence and secure the country and see that you have an honest government that can begin to take care of its people. And to me, that's the plan.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Thank you all very much. Difficult problem, very enlightening discussion.

The roundtable is next, George Will, Arianna Huffington, Donna Brazile, Nicolle Wallace. And later, the Sunday funnies.



(UNKNOWN): President Barack Obama for his extraordinary...

(UNKNOWN): This is the committee's preaching to America.

(UNKNOWN): Obama's ideas and principles are very much the principles of the Norwegian Nobel committee.

OBAMA: I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who've been honored by this prize.

GORE: I think it's extremely well deserved.

LIMBAUGH: He's not only the first post-racial president. He's also the nation's first post-accomplishment president.

MCCAIN: I'm sure the president understands that he now has even more to -- to live up to.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Another Friday, another shocker. Everyone's got an opinion. Let me bring in the roundtable on all this.

I am joined, as always, by George Will, Nicolle Wallace, former communications director in the Bush White House, Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post, and Donna Brazile.

And -- and, George, I have to confess, when I found out about this, I first wanted to know what White House thought. The next thing I wanted to know, what you thought, given your history with the Nobel Prize committee.

WILL: Well, the Nobel Prize committee would with this decision have forfeited its reputation for seriousness if it had a reputation for seriousness. The president has a problem in Afghanistan. He has a real problem in Scandinavia, first Copenhagen, then Oslo.

The award set off a global cry of two words: For what? Well, the committee answered that. They said, after 263 days of his presidency, but, really, after 11 days, because the -- it was February 1st that the nomination list closed, he was honored for values and attitudes -- notice the word "attitudes" -- values and attitudes shared by a majority of the world's population. This is an award for attitudinizing.

BRAZILE: It is well deserved, because after 11 days...

WILL: Well deserved?

BRAZILE: Come on, George. I am a forward-looking optimistic person, and the president has -- in my judgment, he has -- it is not only well deserved, but he must also earn it.

George, in 11 days, President Obama overturned many of the policies that much of the world disliked. He ended -- banned torture. He proposed closing down Gitmo Bay.

WILL: You mention Gitmo?

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