Transcript: Senior WH Adviser Valerie Jarrett

But we determined it was a distraction (inaudible). And I picked up the phone and called then-Senator Obama and said, I'm not going to be used like that. And I've worked, as they said, constructively throughout the rest of the campaign.

Because, even though he and I may not agree on every strategy, I think that, once you decide you want to work with someone, you do what is best, whether you're out front or behind the scenes.

STEPHANOPOULOS: OK, we're going to take a quick break. We'll be back with more roundtable in just a minute, and later, the Sunday funnies.


DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST, "THE LATE SHOW": Because of the weather and due to the low ceiling -- listen to this -- earlier this afternoon a Northwest Airline airplane, passenger plane, accidentally landed at the correct airport.




STEPHEN COLBERT, DAILY SHOW: Staunch conservative George Will has for the last two Sundays on ABC's THIS WEEK wore a long tie. Clearly his bow ties were the only thing tethering George Will to reality.

WILL: Marijuana is getting much better.

COLBERT: Then he tried to eat George Stephanopoulos because he thought he was a teddy graham.

WILL: We legalized prostitution, as anyone who opens a telephone book and looks under escort can tell you.

COLBERT: I don't now which is more disturbing, that George Will goes to prostitutes or that he still uses the phone book.


STEPHANOPOULOS: George Will's star turn on "Comedy Central," you and Steve Colbert.

I want to bring you back in here along with Ed Gillespie, Ron Brownstein, Dee Dee Myers and the Reverend Al Sharpton. I could ask you to respond but we can go straight to the politics of the week. First time I've ever seen George Will blush.

MYERS: Yeah.

STEPHANOPOULOS: A lot of elections coming up this week. Let's show the latest polling in these gubernatorial races and important congressional race. No. 1, down in Virginia, Creigh Deeds, the Democrat, about 10 points behind in the latest "Washington Post" poll to Bob McDonnell, the Republican.

Up in New Jersey, Jon Corzine, the incumbent, 43 percent, Chris Christie, Republican, 38 percent and Independent Chris Daggett has 13 percent. That race really too close to call according to most of the polling right now.

And then this congressional district up in upstate New York, New York 23. John McHugh left to become secretary of the army. It was a dead heat according to the poll that came out from the Siena Research Institute yesterday between the Democrat Bill Owens, the conservative candidate, Doug Hoffman, the Republican Dede Scozzafava was far behind at 20 percent.

And yesterday, George Will, she dropped out of the race. A lot of big Republican power brokers had come in on either side of this race. Sarah Palin came in for the conservative candidate. So did Tim Pawlenty. Newt Gingrich, the former speaker came in on behalf of Scozzafava and he said something interesting in "The New York Times" this morning. And he said, he warned about an impending civil war in the Republican Party. He said "If we get into a cycle where every time one side loses they run a third-party candidate, we'll make Pelosi speaker for life and guarantee Obama's re-election."

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