Transcript: Gen. Casey, Steele vs Kaine

DONALDSON: That's not the argument. Their argument is -- if you don't buy it, fine -- that we need to have more Americans covered so that more Americans can have better health care.

LUNTZ: But everyone agrees with that. Republican s and Democrats agree with that. It's the solution that's a problem. I'm going to throw, another issue that no one has talked about.

Right now, a lot of governors, Democrats and Republicans, are having to release prisoners because they can't afford to house them. They can't build new prisons. What is that going to do in 2010, when one, or two, or ten of those people commit crimes?


DONALDSON: That's Michael Dukakis, all he had release on the weekends, for that (ph).

LUNTZ: We are in a serious situation where, not just presidents, and Congress, but governors are faced with tough decisions. And I think, George, that they are making the wrong ones, which is why 2009 may not be an anti-Democratic year, but it most certainly was an anti-incumbent year. And that will be the same.

ROBERTS: But you see, which is -- which is why I think, in the long run, Democrats are in OK shape. Because the anti-incumbency comes and goes, depending on what's going on. But the demographics are inexorable.

And what you've got -- yes, the young people didn't show up in an off-off-year, hardly a surprise. And you -- you still saw, in Virginia, that McDonnell got no Hispanic Votes, no black votes. I mean, he won with an overwhelming white vote. And whites are just a smaller and smaller percentage of the electorate.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Structural problem for the Republican Party.

ROBERTS: That's right. Unless they can get -- unless they can get to Hispanics, especially, and win some of those votes...


ROBERTS: ... they are not going to get there.

BRAZILE: He won the women's vote, which is the first time in a long time.

ROBERTS: And working women. He won working women.


STEPHANOPOULOS: I want to bring Cokie's point to George. Because that does seem to be a structural problem to the Republican Party going forward. All the fastest-rising voter groups are going Democratic. The Republican Party...

ROBERTS: Going overwhelmingly Democratic.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Yes, even though they didn't show up this year, is older and whiter and more male.

WILL: That is true and that is a problem. And what you have to do is address the slur hurled by my friend Donna at the Republican Party...


BRAZILE: What slur?

WILL: ... as a party without ideas. I mean, the Republican Party has plenty of ideas and I think they will, in time, sell.

But, speaking of what's growing, what's really growing is Fairfax County, Virginia. It's, sort of, the dynamic heart of America at this point. Obama carried it by 21 points. He lost it this year -- not he, but the Democrats lost it this year to McDonnell. So there's a lot of flux.

DONALDSON: For reasons we've discussed. But let me tell you, the wake-up call for the Republicans was in New York's 23rd.

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