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ROBERTS: ... on the issue of abortion, in the House of Representatives. And much to the dismay of some of the liberals, they -- they held sway on the question of keeping abortion...

DONALDSON: Good point. Because parties can't exist in this country -- thank goodness -- without attracting the great center.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Donna, I want to ask you about that because that was what finally put this bill over the top.

On Friday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi realized that she had to give the pro-life Democrats, led by Bart Stupak, what they wanted, much tighter restrictions on public funding of abortion. They worked out a compromise with the U.S. Catholic bishops.

But Speaker Pelosi did face a lot of anger from her pro-choice activists in the -- in the conference. Will this hold all the way through the process?

BRAZILE: Well, it -- it might hold, George. But it will not be a pretty vote for many pro-choice Democrats.

Look, this pretty much outlaws abortion for even people with private insurance. It's one thing to -- the existing federal law, the Hyde amendment, I thought was sufficient. But, clearly, many of the pro-life Democrats thought that they needed to go further and deny women the ability to purchase this on the exchange, even using their own private funds.

So this is an onerous burden on women for their reproductive health care. And I hope that they can get it removed in the Senate and also in conference.

ROBERTS: But I think that's unlikely.

WILL: I hope they can get it removed, too. That would be the end of the bill.


ROBERTS: It's very unlikely.

LUNTZ: I feel sorry for Evan Bayh and for Blanche Lincoln, senators from Indiana, Arkansas. I know Nebraska, Ben Nelson.

ROBERTS: Mary Landrieu

LUNTZ: Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. These states do not want this legislation. And they don't want it because of the personal costs and the costs to the deficit. They're conservative states, economically. And a lot of senators are going to have to cast some very difficult votes in the next couple months.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Because they're going to be facing the argument that, if they don't cast a yes vote, they're going to bring down the entire Democratic administration that President Obama...


LUNTZ: But then they may -- then they have to go back to their constituents and explain why they added a trillion dollars to the debt.

BRAZILE: But, you know -- but you know what...


BRAZILE: These are the same Democrats who supported the tax cut that put $5 trillion on the -- on the federal books.

STEPHANOPOULOS: I want you to answer that...

BRAZILE: And I'm sorry. They need to help people.

STEPHANOPOULOS: I want you to answer that in the green room. That's where you guys are going to have to continue this debate.

BRAZILE: I'm sorry.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You can get political updates all week long from us on Coming up here, the Sunday funnies.

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