Transcript: Gen. Casey, Steele vs Kaine

STEELE: Well, look...


KAINE: I'm not done. Only one vote...

STEELE: I'm not going to let you do...


KAINE: Only one vote.

STEELE: Sorry, Governor...

KAINE: Ninety percent of them voted against equal pay for women.

STEELE: ... you may be a governor but you're not going to filibuster this issue here, I'm sorry.

KAINE: Ninety percent of them voted against expanding health insurance for youngsters in the SCHIP re-authorization.

STEELE: You can check off the talking points...

KAINE: These guys are getting excellent at the no game.

STEPHANOPOULOS: I've heard from both of you on this issue. I do want to move on to the elections, because Michael Steele had a bit of a Freudian slip there where he called -- said "Speaker Boehner." Maybe he was looking out at the election returns on Tuesday, forecasting it into next year...

KAINE: Well, we won two House seats on Tuesday, George.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Two House seats on Tuesday, the margin...

KAINE: Five for five.

STEELE: And you lost...

STEPHANOPOULOS: ... of victory last night. But let me look -- dig into the numbers a little bit more from Tuesday night. One of the things you saw in both Virginia and New Jersey is those new voters that President Obama brought to the polls last year in Virginia and New Jersey, under 30s, way down, half the share of the electorate that they were in 2008.

And then on independents, look at these numbers, first of all, in Virginia. President Obama last year, Democrats won 49-48. This year Republicans two to one, 66-33 among independent voters in Virginia. New Jersey much the same story, 51-47 last year under President Obama, this year Republican Chris Christie gets 60 percent of the independent vote, Democrats get only 30 percent of the independent vote.

That is a huge flashing light for next year, isn't it?

KAINE: Well, George, let me tell you something, you know, and your viewers probably do too that for 24 years, the way the White House goes, both of these governorships go the other direction. In Virginia it has been 32 years.

STEPHANOPOULOS: True, but that is a massive swing among independent voters.

KAINE: But it's not a swing away from the president. The president is popular with independents nationally, Washington Post/ABC poll a week ago, 55 percent approval -- job approval among independent voters. That's north of where he was on Election Day last year.

His job approval in New Jersey, 61 percent, in Virginia, 57 percent. So it is the case that the historic trend in these governors races was cutting against us. And it is the case that independents supported Republican candidates.

But independents nationally and independents in both of these states are strong for their president. That's why we...

STEPHANOPOULOS: So nothing to worry about.

KAINE: Well, no, we're going to look at everything. We wanted to win those races...

STEELE: They have a lot to worry about, George...

KAINE: But -- no, let me finish.

That's why we won the two congressional races. The only national races Tuesday, on national issues were the races in Congress. We won them both.


KAINE: And we are five for five in congressional races.

STEELE: OK. We are 18 of 29 in special elections this year...

KAINE: Not in Congress, you haven't won a congressional race.

STEELE: Of all special elections, all special elections.

KAINE: But none in Congress.

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