U.S. Shuts Embassy in Yemen, Battles to Beat Back Al Qaeda Surge

"That was an act of war. He should be treated as a prisoner of war. He should be held in a military brig, Lieberman said. "He should be questioned now and should have been ever since he was apprehended for intelligence that could help us stop the next attack or get the people in Yemen who directed him to do what he did, so, yes, we -- we should follow the rule of law, but the rule of law that is relevant here is the rule of the law of war."

Administration Official Defends Napolitano

Brennan defended Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano who last week initially assured the public that security systems are working as designed, saying "the system works."

"I think Secretary Napolitano clarified her remarks about the system working or not. I have been able to work with Secretary Napolitano the last 11 months, and I consider that we as a nation are very fortunate to have somebody of Secretary Napolitano's caliber, experience, and dedication," he said.

The top Republican on the Senate Homeland Security Committee characterized Napolitano's initial comments after the Christmas Day terror attempt as "bizarre."

"I will say that her initial comments were bizarre and inappropriate. It baffled me that she said that the system worked very, very smoothly, when clearly it did not. It also surprised me when she implied that there was not information to indicate that this individual posed a threat when there was information," said Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, today on "This Week."

But Collins said Napolitano continues to have her support as Secretary of Homeland Security.

Lieberman said the Senate Homeland Security Committee will begin "a series of hearings" when Congress returns in a few weeks to examine "where we are five years after the 9/11 Commission reforms went into effect, seven years after the Department of Homeland Security went into effect."

"We're not out to protect anybody or attack anybody," Lieberman said on "This Week."

"We're out to fix what went wrong on Dec. 25 and to note that, in this year, last year, 2009, our homeland -- there were -- there were more than a dozen attempts to attack our homeland, and three of them broke through," he said.

"So it's time to take a fresh, nonpartisan look, not to knock down the Department of Homeland Security or the 9/11 reforms, but, frankly, to fix and build them up so we learn from our mistakes and we're more secure in the future," Lieberman said.

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