Leaks Fallout: Former Top Diplomat Says Eikenberry Must Go


He recalled a conversation he had two years ago with Defense Secretary Robert Gates. "I asked him, 'What is our objective in Afghanistan?' He said, 'A strong central government.' I said, 'When has it had that?' He said, with admirable candor, 'Never.'"

Yacoobi: Without NATO, Women and Children Will Be Demolished

Amanpour turned to Sakena Yacoobi of the Afghan Institute of Learning, who lives in Afghanistan.

"I see that the people of Afghanistan have really lost their faith," Yacoobi said. "They lost their faith and the reason is because there is no service available for the local people, for the local community."

She said Afghan women and children must take care of themselves because "there is not a central government that is supporting them. There is not service for the people of Afghanistan from the central government."

"On behalf of the Afghan women [for whom] I am talking here," Yacoobi said, "I really believe that ... the NATO allies should be in Afghanistan because of the women and children of Afghanistan. Otherwise, the life of the women and children will be completely demolished in Afghanistan. This is my main concern."

Brzezinski, who said the United States should be in Afghanistan just to make sure the country is not a safe haven for terrorists, took a longer view.

"We have to ask ourselves: what is our objective in Afghanistan? Is it to build democracy? Is it to shape a nation? Is it to change its culture? And if it is all of these things, we're going to be there for 30 years," he said.

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