Pelosi 'Not Nervous At All' About Midterms

Pelsoi said ethics trump personalities. "When I came in, I said we're draining the swamp. And we did," Pelosi said. "We have passed the most sweeping ethics reform in the history of the Congress. ... Any personal respect and affection we may have for people makes us sad about the course of events, but we have to pull the high ethical standard and none of our personalities is more important than that," she said.

"Attack of the 50 Ft. Pelosi"

The speaker gave some free campaign advice to Republicans: don't use her as a foil; it doesn't work.

During her wide-ranging interview with Pelosi, Amanpour showed the speaker an ad that was used against the Democratic candidate in a special House election held in Pennsylvania's 12th district. It shows a huge animated Pelosi crushing houses and rampaging through a town.

"What do you think of you being the boogeyman?" Amanpour asked.

Pelosi said she hadn't seen the ad, but knew the strategy well. "What I know about that is that they tried this. This is their campaign in Pennsylvania 12," she said. "Their whole campaign was an attack on the president and on Pelosi."

"But it was you [in the ad]," Amanpour interjected.

"I said to the President I think they may have gotten more focus here than you for this one time," she with a smile. "And they fully expected to win the race and we won by 8.5 points."

"Because this is funny, it attracts attention, but they have nothing to say about what they want to go for. What they want to do is privatize Social Security. And as they have said, their agenda, if they win, is to go to the exact agenda of the previous administration and people will look with fondness on the Bush administration," Pelosi said. "We welcome that campaign."

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