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But people who think that global warming is a problem for our grandchildren are living in never-never land. If you're under the age of 60 and we don't change the course that we're on now, there's a significant chance that global warming is going to affect your life.

And the American people have got to engage on these kinds of issues. We can't stay at home, complain that somebody else is not doing their job, and hope somebody else is going to solve the problem for us.

Stephanopoulos: Vice President Gore calls himself carbon neutral. Whenever the flies or drives, he pays back the carbon he's using.

Edwards: Yes, he's better than me. It's hard to see how you could do it in a presidential campaign.

Stephanopoulos: The Senator and I have talked several times over the last few years and every time he talked about getting into the race, he said he was going to make the best decision for his family.

Did you get a vote?

Elizabeth Edwards: I probably could have vetoed it, but I didn't. Part of it was my health, which is good now, and the other is whether or not we would support him and, of course, I have to say he was beside me every step of the way during my fight against cancer.

Stephanopoulos: You look great now.

Elizabeth Edwards: Thanks, I appreciate that. And that's what a marriage is about. I'm with him in the fights that he has to undertake.

Stephanopoulos: How do you see your role in this campaign?

Elizabeth Edwards: The way I've always described it is that I'm a window, I mean, in a sense, another surrogate, somebody who believes in him and believes in what he's saying and if I can reach out and talk to people.

I think there's a big question about -- and there may be spouses who don't fall in this category, but how much difference a spouse actually makes, except that if I can talk to 200 people in a day that he didn't get to talk to, that's helpful.

Edwards: That's a gross understatement. That was very humbling and I appreciate the humility of Elizabeth on that.

She is my most trusted advisor and always has been, always will be, and I care what she says about things. We disagree, you know. There are some serious things that we…

Stephanopoulos: Give me one issue.

Edwards: Not on camera, I'm not going there. But we know what they are and she is a strong willed woman. She may be sitting there looking meek and mild. She's a very strong willed human being and is not shy about speaking her piece.

Stephanopoulos: Robert Novak reported that some top labor officials are uncomfortable with Mrs. Edwards' role in the campaign. Do you care?

Edwards: What do you expect me to do about that? First of all, I don't believe it, and, second, in fact, I think most people in this country have a very positive response to Elizabeth.

But it doesn't matter. I've been married to her for 30 years and she's my friend and my advisor and in addition to being my wife, who I love very much, and I'm going to keep listening to her and paying attention to her.

Sometimes I'll disagree with her, but I will continue to listen to her.

Stephanopoulos: And the kids, Emma Claire and Jack are now eight and six, and Cate, 24. This is going to have a big impact on their lives, a two-year campaign and, from your perspective, if all goes well, a lot more than that.

Are they excited about it?

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