In Memoriam: Lives of Note, January-April 2007

Army SPC Jonathan D Cadavero, 24, of Takoma Park, Md.

Feb. 25, 2007

Dennis Johnson, 52 -- NBA star and coach who won three NBA championship titles during his 14-year playing career.

"This is a franchise that has made me every bit of what I am today."

Richard Lehman, 83 -- CIA analyst who twice was awarded the CIA's highest honor; he created the president's daily intelligence briefing.

Feb. 18, 2007

Ray Evans, 92 -- Oscar-winning songwriter who, with partner Jay Livingston, wrote countless hits for TV, film and recording artists.

Robert Adler, 93 -- Co-inventor of the TV remote control.

"This thing has so many buttons. I don't know what most of them are for and frankly I could not care less."

Rep. Charles Norwood Jr., R-Ga., 65 -- U.S. congressman who focused much of his political career on promoting a patients' bill of rights.

"You know it only takes two people, a sick patient and a willing provider. That's all it really takes to have healthcare work."

Feb. 11, 2007

Frankie Laine, 93 -- Singer.

"'Rawhide' was a big, big turning point … and 'Rawhide' really saved my skin."

Harriett Woods, 79 -- Political activist whose narrow loss in a 1982 Senate race sparked the creation of EMILY's List, that touts pro-choice Democratic women.

"I have so often told people you have to take risks, you have to take up the challenge if you want to make a difference in life."

Willye White, 66 -- Five-time Olympian.

"I didn't win the gold medal of the Olympics, but I do have and did win the gold medal of life."

Robert "Skip" Jennings, 66 -- ABC News cameraman for more than 30 years.

Feb. 4, 2007

Sidney Sheldon, 89 -- Best-selling novelist and TV producer.

"I believe that if you're trying to please everyone, you wind up pleasing almost no one. I get an idea that excites me, and I write it as well as I know how."

Richard Kelley, 91 -- Stepfather of President Clinton.

Molly Ivins, 62 -- Liberal columnist and author; one of the president's harshest critics, her column ran in over 400 newspapers.

"Anyone who thinks that … assumes George Bush is dumb, is going to, as he would say, mis-underestimate him badly."

The Rev. Robert Drinan, 86 -- Human rights advocate who was the first Roman Catholic priest to become a voting member of Congress.

Jan. 28, 2007

E. Howard Hunt, 88 -- Former CIA agent who was the mastermind of the Watergate break-in and served 33 months in prison for his role.

"Aside from the personal results of Watergate -- the impact on each of us individually -- I think that the main victim was the country itself."

Eleanor McGovern, 85 -- Wife of Sen. George McGovern who was the first spouse of a presidential candidate to make solo campaign appearances for her husband.

"I have enjoyed campaigning. I've learned much about myself."

Jan. 21, 2007

Denny Doherty, 66 -- Singer for the Mamas and the Papas.

Sen. George Smathers, 93 -- Former U.S. Senator from Florida; a confidant of President Kennedy, he served in Congress for more than two decades.

Art Buchwald, 81 -- Columnist and humorist whose column, syndicated to more than 500 newspapers, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1982.

"I've found a way to make other people laugh. I hope that I can be remembered for that."

Andrea Parhamovich, 28 -- American civilian killed in Iraq while working to promote democracy.

Jan. 14, 2007

Yvonne De Carlo, 84 -- Actress best remembered as Lily Munster whose film career lasted more than five decades.

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