John Kerry, Wife Take on Environmental Issues

Ultimately, if you price carbon, people are going to make those kinds of choices for themselves. They'll go out and buy a car that is less costly. They'll go out and build in a more effective way.

Stephanopoulos: But should that be mandated by the government?

John Kerry: It's preferable not to mandate, but it isn't happening automatically otherwise. So what we need to do is put the incentives and the enticements into the system so people will choose. We won't dictate this technology or that technology, but we do draw people to a particular choice.

Stephanopoulos: You said that one of the reasons you chose not to run for president this year was to focus on this issue and the war. You're about three months away from that choice. Still feel good?

John Kerry: Yeah. I mean, look, I think it's important to be candid and candor requires me to say there are mornings when you wake up --

Stephanopoulos: Sometimes you get antsy ...

John Kerry: And you see the fray going on and you miss it, in a sense, because it's a different platform. But on the other hand, this book, for instance, would be viewed exclusively through the prism of a presidential race. I think people would discount it. Hopefully, now I have a chance to talk about these things and people know it's coming from my heart and my gut, not from a political strategy.

Stephanopoulos: Which of the candidates this time who are in right now or are about to be in do you think have most effectively grabbed this issue?

John Kerry: I don't think anybody yet, to be honest with you. I think this issue is waiting for a full definition and full-throatedness, if you will, in this campaign and I'm going to watch carefully and see who does articulate it, because to me it's a critical component of leadership.

Stephanopoulos: [To Teresa Kerry] You are nodding your head.

Teresa Kerry: I just don't think any one of the candidates -- they all have their merits. I don't think any of them have had this resume on the field of the environment.

Stephanopoulos: And you're going to be pushing this.

John Kerry: Well, it's a critical issue, George. I'm confident they will. I know the people that are running.

Teresa Kerry: Yes. They're not there yet.

John Kerry: I mean, I know Joe Biden and Hillary and Chris Dodd and folks understand these issues and they've seen them out there and I'm confident they're going to talk about them. But at the moment, it's not front and center the way I think some of us would like it to be.

Stephanopoulos: Are you going to endorse anyone?

John Kerry: I probably will at the right point, but I just haven't -- I haven't made 100 percent commitment to that and I haven't certainly decided who or when.

Stephanopoulos: Thank you both very much.

John Kerry: Thanks. Good to be with you.

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