In Memoriam -- Sept. to Dec. 2004

A look at some of the notable people who passed on this week.

Dec. 26, 2004

Renata Tebaldi, 82 -- Italian soprano described as having a "voice of an angel."

Jack Newfield, 66 -- Journalist and muckraker who was a founder of "new journalism" as columnist for The Village Voice.

"Politics in New York is a contact sport. Everyone throws bean balls and there are flagrant fouls every hour."

Frank "Son" Seals, 62 -- Blues musician.

Johnny Oates, 58 -- Major League Baseball player and manager.

"I could smell Florida. I could hear the birds. I could hear the groundskeepers working on the field, getting it ready for the day's work. That's probably the only time that it's really hit me that I'm not at spring training for the first time, probably, since I was about 16 years old."

Anthony Sampson, 78 -- Investigative journalist and Nelson Mandela biographer.

"I've known Mandela since the early '50's. Time's running out and you've got to get some serious prospect for negotiation for moderate blacks while you can. Otherwise, of course, it will go right ahead to the extremists."

Dec. 19, 2004

Pauline La Fon Gore, 92 -- Wife of Sen. Albert Gore Sr. and mother of former Vice President Al Gore; she was one of the first women to graduate from Vanderbilt Law School.

"Public service is the position that you should aspire to and do the best you can to make this a better world."

Agnes Martin, 92 -- Artist who was awarded the National Medal of the Arts in 1998 and was known as the last of the abstract expressionists.

"I say that I paint with my back to the world. If you wake up in the morning and you feel very happy about nothing, no cause, that's what I paint about."

Harvey "Jinx" Miller, 84 -- Decorated World War II airman who was shot down in combat six times and earned the nickname "Jinx of the 15th Air Force."

Joe Beyrle, 81 -- World War II paratrooper who was the only soldier to fight for the United States and the Soviet Union in World War II.

"We were going to jump into France at some point and defeat the Germans. We were going to do it with our bare hands if we had to."

Dec. 12, 2004

Frederick Fennell, 90 -- Conductor who recorded 22 albums and founded the Eastman Wind Ensemble.

"It's kept me alive, making music, conducting."

Jay Van Andel, 80 -- Co-founder of Amway who turned cleaning products business into a $6 billion empire.

"We have to believe in ourselves. You can't predict the future, but you can follow your dreams."

"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, 38 -- Heavy metal guitarist shot to death on stage.

David Brudnoy, 64 -- Boston radio talk-show host whose WBZ-AM program was heard in 38 states.

"When somebody comes up to me on the street and says, 'I've listened to you, and you've been part of my life for 25 years' or whatever, what more could I ask of a job?"

Dec. 5, 2004

Dame Alicia Markova, 94 -- Ballerina known for her groundbreaking performance of "Giselle."

Mona Van Duyn, 83 -- First female U.S. poet laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner.

"Daytime, sometimes, our three-legged race seems slow. Squabbling onward, we chafe at being so near. But all night long we lie like crescents of velcro turning together 'til we rid here."

Nov. 28, 2004

Arthur Hailey, 84 -- Novelist who wrote "Airport" (1970) and "Hotel" (1967).

Joseph Sisco, 85 -- Diplomat and Middle East negotiator who served five presidents.

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