Exclusive Interview With Sen. Hillary Clinton

CLINTON: Well, I think both of us have been asked that question. And we have both said we think it's presumptuous and premature for us to answer it, because obviously neither of us has the nomination. But I am committed to doing whatever is necessary on my part to work hard, to speak out, to advocate if Sen. Obama is the nominee, and he has said he will do the same for me.

Whoever is the nominee will then have a chance to figure out who is the best running mate, because we have to win.

I just want to bring this back to the fundamental point. And as I've traveled across Indiana and even North Carolina, I've had so many Republicans come up and say they've changed their registration to be able to vote in our primary. Many of them saying that they'll vote for me. Others saying that, you know, they're undecided. And I know some, like what we just heard, will vote for Sen. Obama.

Because no matter whether you're a Democrat or Republican, the last seven years have been really hard on America. I mean, if you're wealthy, if you're well connected, you've been taken care of. But that is not what's happening across our country. And when I go and sit in a living room, like I did in Hobart, and have a young man and his family tell me what they have gone through with his losing his job and losing their health care, I think it's time we had a president who is going to be a champion for the American people. And that's what I intend to do. STEPHANOPOULOS: And that is all we have time for today. Sen. Clinton, thank you very much for your time this morning.

CLINTON: Thank you, George.

STEPHANOPOULOS: We'll be right back.


STEPHANOPOULOS: That is our show for today. You should know that we've invited both Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama to participate in forums like this. We hope they're going to take us up on it soon. Until then, thanks for sharing part of your Sunday with us. We'll see you next week.

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