Exclusive Interview With Sen. Hillary Clinton

CLINTON: Well, obviously, it's troubling that people would have that opinion, because I think most of the people who have voted for me and support me in New York -- and I was reelected with 67 percent of the vote -- believe they can count on me. And they have good reason to count on me, because I've gotten up year after year, going back many years, to stand up for controversial issues, like health care for every American, something that I feel passionately about.

So have I drawn a lot of fire from people who have come right at me and, frankly, you know, done a lot of attacking of me? Sure. But I think that goes with being a leader.

You see, I just have a fundamental disagreement about how you get change in America. I wish that we could all just get together and decide we're going to make change. I wish that were the case. But maybe I know enough about human nature and about our political system to understand, you really have to take these interests on. They do not go gently into the night.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But don't voters have to trust you as you're taking these interests on?

CLINTON: Well, the voters of New York have trusted me twice, and I think that people throughout this campaign, as I have campaigned across Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina, have seen me in person, as opposed to what they hear about me. And I know you hear a lot about me. There is a lot out there that, you know, I have no control over.

But if you really look at what I've done and where I stand, I have a consistent record of standing up for people and fighting for people and getting results for people, and that's what I would do as your president.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Indiana manufacturing has been hit very hard. 45,000 jobs lost to China. We have another question from Charles Herman -- Headman [phonetic spelling], excuse me. Charles, are you out there?


STEPHANOPOULOS: Charles Headman is actually a supporter of yours. He's a lawyer who just passed the bar exam. What's your question?

CLINTON: Oh, congratulations.

VOTER: Thank you. Thank you.

Hillary, Alexander Hamilton said that the key to U.S. supremacy in the world is the manufacturing sector. Sens. Obama and McCain have stated that these manufacturing jobs that we've lost cannot be brought back to Indiana or United States. What is your position? Do you agree with Sens. Obama and McCain? And if you do not, what is your plan to stimulate sector in general?

CLINTON: Well, I believe very firmly that if you don't make things in an economy, you will not have a strong economy over the long run. I just believe that our declining manufacturing base is a threat to the overall economy. It's not isolated to one part of what we do in this country.

So what I have said is that we may not be able to bring back a lot of the jobs we've lost, but number one, we've got to stop losing jobs. And Indiana has lost 45,000 jobs under President Bush in manufacturing alone.

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