'This Week' Transcript: VP-Elect Joe Biden

But he also has made a judgment -- I think correctly -- that in order to heal the wounds of this country and move this country forward so we get out of this -- this -- this mindset overstated of red and blue and the like -- that he was going to reach out, he was going to reach out.

He made it clear there are parts of the positions taken by the reverend that he strongly disagrees with, but there's also some very positive things about what he did.

So he believes -- and I think he's right -- that this is a time to reach out, reach out to constituencies and people who you don't share the same view with in the hope that the end result of all this will be ultimate reconciliation.

And so -- and, look, he's giving an invocation. He's not making policy. He's not part of the administration.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So on matters of policy, what do you say to the gay and lesbian community? They're calling out for an action plan, saying have an action plan on revoking "don't ask, don't tell" within the first 100 days. Will that be done?

BIDEN: I'm not making a commitment for the administration based on any timetable.

But the commitments we made during the campaign to deal with these issues of equity and fairness we will deliver on in our administration.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But no timetable?

BIDEN: But there's no -- look, we are faced with the first, most critical urgent problem. And the immediate, the day we're sworn in, the thing that we have to worry about is the further collapse of this economy.

We -- we have not -- no president raising his right hand will ever have been in the position by the time he says, "I so swear," and drops his hand, will he have such an immediate, urgent obligation of consequence since Franklin Roosevelt. And I would argue this is equally as consequential.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Caroline Kennedy said this week she wants to be senator from New York. Do you support her?

BIDEN: That's -- look, I love Caroline Kennedy. I think Caroline Kennedy is an incredibly talented woman. I think she's an incredibly talented person who has a lot to offer. That -- that's for the people of New York to -- to make.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Actually, the governor of New York.

BIDEN: For the governor, and, eventually, within two years, the people of New York to decide whether the governor's judgment was correct.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, what do you say to -- and there's been a lot of commentary about this -- the idea that the Senate is starting to look a lot more like the House of Lords in the U.S. Senate? Your own son wants to -- might want your seat in a couple of years.

BIDEN: Well, look, let's talk about my son, because that's -- I love talking about my son. My son, Beau, who's, as we speak, in Iraq, he's going to spend his Christmas with an awful lot of friends of his in -- in Iraq, is a guy who is 38 years old, spent time in Bosnia, worked with the Justice Department, had his own law firm, got an offer to be appointed attorney general when the attorney general stepped down to become a judge, refused the appointment, waited eight months later, ran, won on his own merit, came back.

He's the attorney general of the state of Delaware. Before anyone could even consider him, the governor said in a press conference that she considered appointing him. He made it clear in a press statement he wants no part of being appointed to anything. He's made no decision about what he's going to do.

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