'This Week' Transcript: Shimon Perez, Sens. Dick Durbin and Mitch McConnell

If we want to do a bill immediately, again, my recommendation is the omnibus appropriations bill. It's ready. These were nine bills that were not passed by October when they should have been passed. They're ready to go. They've already been vetted by both sides, would pass on an overwhelming, bipartisan basis, and much of that spending, George, would be on things similar to what the president may be asking for in that package.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But isn't a lot of that money already out there through the continuing resolution? A fair amount of that money is...

MCCONNELL: No -- well, some of it is, but it's not -- it's not very targeted. A continuing resolution doesn't target things very much, doesn't have any congressional input in it. And it could be done quickly. If we want to do something quickly, let's do something that's already been vetted.

I don't think we have to delay the stimulus package for a lengthy period of time, but I've given you three ideas today that make a lot of sense, that ought to be considered.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Bottom line, will President-elect Obama get the 80 or so votes he's looking for in the Senate?

MCCONNELL: I think if they pursue a fair process, in the Senate at least, where fairness is typically the rule, and give both sides an opportunity to have input, to have it -- a true bipartisan stamp -- he's likely to get significant support.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you support the Democrats' refusal to seat Roland Burris?

MCCONNELL: I think there ought to be a special election in Illinois. Again, Senator Durbin suggested that initially, and then did a 180 today after that, and decided they didn't want to have a special election. I think the fear is that Republicans might somehow win the seat in Illinois if there's a special.

But the process is so tainted, it is such a tangled mess, as you can see, that the only way to clear the air and to have a successor chosen in Illinois that everybody can have confidence in, and a process that they can have confidence in, would be to have a special election.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Finally, we're just about out of time, but do you agree with Senator Durbin that Israel's ground operation now in Gaza is understandable?

MCCONNELL: Absolutely. Hamas is a terrorist organization. Imagine in this country if somebody from a neighboring country were lobbing shells at our population. We'd do exactly the same thing. I think the Israelis are doing the only thing they can possibly do to defend their population.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Senator McConnell, thanks very much for your time this morning.

MCCONNELL: Thank you, George.


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