'This Week' Transcript: Susan Rice

MARTHA RADDATZ (OC) They are clearly not ready. And I, I think what you were saying, George, I mean, he goes over there, he's a great president. Everyone loves him, but the second headline has been he didn't get everything he wanted. And particularly Afghanistan. Next year, the US will probably have 80,000 troops in Afghanistan. That is huge.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (OC) That's if the President agrees to General McKiernan's next...

MARTHA RADDATZ (OC) But that's only - at the very least they'll have 70,000 troops next year. They will probably have 80,000 troops because I think it's going to be awfully hard if things start spiraling downward. And I think you're going to have more violence over there to deny General McKiernan what he wants. I don't think they wanted it mentioned this year. I think General Petraeus on the Hill mentioning it ruffled a few feathers. But I think you probably will see 80,000. And the Europeans are not helping. They haven't been much help so far. The Germans don't go, go anywhere they can't fight. The election troops that President Obama was asked yesterday, will these troops stay after the election. Totally dodged that question. The answer is, no, they will not.

DAVID FRUM I don't why we're saying the President didn't get everything he wanted. The President didn't get anything he wanted. Now, that's halfway good news because he came with two big requests and one of them was very foolish. At that was the request that Europeans, which have much higher debt ratios than the United States, run up their debts in an attempt to do the kind of fiscal stimulus that the United States is doing, at a time when the European central banks still has monetary measures left to do. That was a bad request. And it's a good thing probably for themselves and the world that the Europeans said no. But on, on Afghanistan, the President is focusing on the wrong thing as well. He's asking for more troops when the real issue is those European troops that are there, and there are a lot of European troops, don't have permission to do things. If the - I was told a story when I was in the fall by a German commander that they actually have F-15s - they have aircraft - I shouldn't say which, which kind of aircraft. They have aircraft over, over Afghanistan, but if they want to actually hit anybody, they have to place a rapid call back home to get permission to fire a missile from the aircraft that they have overhead. They are not able to engage on anything like a war fighting basis. And that's the first request, don't spend more - send more troops over they're not to fight.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (OC) Everybody wants to get in on this, I can tell.

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON Not, not just Afghanistan was the wrong request, because it's the wrong goal for America, as well as Europe. I mean there is no question that we are not going to be successful in Afghanistan with more troops. I mean, history has proven that again and again. The President has said that our - the main reason we are there is to root out al Qaeda. Well, al Qaeda is primarily in Pakistan, and not in Afghanistan. And the idea that thousands of American soldiers in the mountainous regions of Pakistan fighting the Taliban is going to improve our national security is absurd.

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