'This Week' Transcript: Susan Rice

(OC) Yes, it's surreal, beyond ritualistic. There's nothing like a ballistic missile to take your mind off Wall Street bonuses. In 1960, 50 years ago essentially, when Jack Kennedy was running for president, he said in the life of the next presidency, there will be 10, 15 maybe 20 nuclear powers. As president, he said maybe by 1975, there will be 25. So the nonproliferation regime has worked until now. And now, it's breaking down. We have no reason to believe that any of the things we have tried or are going to try are going to have any - make any difference. You asked Ambassador Rice have not the UN sanctions been without effect. She said, no, no, they've had effect on the trade, the financial institutions and other things in Iran. They've had no effect on the behavior which is the point.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (OC) Do you agree with that?

RICHARD HAASS, PRESIDENT The sanctions have a modest effect in terms of - in the case of in Iran their, their ability to, to function, but in terms of the bottom line in Iran which is their capacity to produce a large amount of low enriched uranium, no, the sanctions have not had any appreciable effect. With North Korean, the bottom line is also it continues. This is station identification by the North Koreans. Every so often, they remind us that they have these things we don't like. And this is the beginning of the next set of negotiations. And what they really want to do is sell the horse yet again and get whatever sort of relief from South Koreans, the United States, Japan that they can. It will really come down to China. And the bottom line is while the Chinese may help us to some extent on putting a, a ceiling on the North Korean threat, they will not do what we really want, which is to pressure them. Because the bottom line is China and South Korea do not want North Korea to collapse.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (OC) Well and that's right. And we, we, we may want them to pressure North Korea, Arianna, but we're - but how much are we willing to put behind that?

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, "THE HUFFINGTON POST" Well, that's also the problem. That even though as George said it's taken our mind off bonuses and other Wall Street abuses, the truth is that the financial collapse has put us in a very difficult position when it comes to pressuring China because we're so dependent on them since they're holding such a major part of America's debt. And right now, we also need to look at what happened during the Bush years that got us to this point. Remember North Korea started as a member of the axis of evil. And for many years, there were no negotiations. Then suddenly arbitrarily it was taken off the list. There wasn't a formal taking it off the list. But we rejoined the six-party talks. And we wasted a lot of precious time in terms of all our other allies working together.

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